Dr Patrick Soulsby

University Teacher History


Personal Statement

I completed my doctoral thesis on late twentieth-century British and French anti-racist memory cultures at Edge Hill University in April 2020.

My primary interest is in post-war memory cultures in France and Britain with a particular focus on the role of Holocaust and colonial memory cultures within anti-racist movements. I am interested in how such memory cultures develop, are articulated and infused into the rhetoric and mental landscapes of social movements like anti-racism. Researching French and British anti-racist/anti-fascist organisations and publications such as the MRAP, LICRA and Searchlight (among others) contributes to a deeper understanding of how historical memory cultures were used in civil society to challenge conventional national narratives of the past. More broadly, I am interested in the history of nineteenth- and twentieth-century Europe and the powerful role of history and memory in shaping national political cultures.

I would be happy to supervise any students who wish to write their dissertations on anti-racist/anti-fascist movements, memory culture and any aspect of post-war political culture in France or Britain.