Photo of Dr Michael Hopkins

Dr Michael Hopkins BA, PGCE, MA, PhD

Reader in American Foreign Policy History


    Research Field

    My main area of expertise is in American foreign policy and in British foreign policy and Anglo-American relations since the First World War.
    The Cold War is a major focus of my research. Allied to this is an interest in the institutions of diplomacy and diplomats.

    November 2021 saw the publication of my new book, British Financial Diplomacy with North America 1944-1946: the Diary of Frederic Harmer and the Washington Reports of Robert Brand (Cambridge University Press for the Royal Historical Society). It is a scholarly edition of the diary of Sir Frederic Harmer, the British Treasury official who accompanied John Maynard Keynes during his negotiations with the United States for a postwar loan in 1945; and the reports of Robert Brand, UK Treasury Representative in Washington during these talks and the financial discussions with Canada in 1945-1946. Research for the book was supported by a Carnevali Grant from the Economic History Society.

    I have three new research projects. First is my monograph on the American Secretary of State, which examines the role of the secretary, and in particular the relations between secretary and president, in the formation and implementation of US foreign policy since the First World War. To pursue this project I have obtained grants from the Herbert Hoover Presidential Foundation, the Eisenhower Foundation, the Harry S. Truman Library Institute, the Gerald R. Ford Library institute, and the George H. W. Bush Library. Secondly, I am co-editing a volume on US-European Financial and Economic Diplomacy 1919-1949.

    The third project explores the role of international law in United States foreign policy

    Research Grants

    O'Donnell Grant, George H. W. Bush Library
    Carnevali Research Grant, Economic History Society
    Eisenhower Foundation
    Harry S. Truman Library Institute
    Herbert Hoover Presidential Foundation,
    Scouloudi Historical Award
    Gerald R. Ford Library Institute
    British Academy Small Research Grant
    Princeton University Library
    Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Library Institute

    Research Supervision

    I welcome inquiries from students wishing to pursue an MRes or PhD degree in American foreign policy