Mr Matteo Salonia PhD

School of Histories, Languages and Cultures


Genoa and the Spanish Atlantic.

My doctoral dissertation explored the commercial empire, the entrepreneurial culture, and the republican system of late medieval and early modern Genoa, as well as the origins of the Hispanic-Genoese alliance and the role played by Genoese captains, merchants and businessmen in the Spanish Atlantic. For this project, I conducted archival research in Chicago, Genoa, Milan, Seville, Madrid and London. I presented papers at international conferences in England, Spain, Germany, the United States and Canada.

My book entitled "Genoa's Freedom: Entrepreneurship, Republicanism, and the Spanish Atlantic" is published by Rowman&Littlefield (LexingtonBooks):'s-Freedom-Entrepreneurship-Republicanism-and-the-Spanish-Atlantic

French Revolution.

I recently published in the journal 'World History Review' (中国社会科学院, Beijing) an academic article on the historiography of the French Revolution, which focuses in particular on the interpretation of the coup of 18 Brumaire.