Em P Charles Esdaile BA, Phd, FRHistS

Professor in History (Napoleonic Europe, Modern Spain) History


    Personal Statement

    A historian working at the interface of military, political and social history, I am a specialist on Spain in the Revolutionary and Napoleonic era, and, more specifically the Peninsular War of 1808-14. However, my work has also ranged over the history of Spain in the whole period from 1788 to 1939, as well as the general history of Napoleon and his empire.

    Prizes or Honours

    • Membership of British delegation (Peninsular War 200, 2011)
    • Member of official British delegation (HM Embassy 200/Ayuntamiento de Talavera, 2009)
    • Vice-President, Peninsular War 200 (Ministry of Defence, 2009)
    • Study tour of Poland (Government of the Republic of Poland, 2007)
    • membership of comite Cientifico del Bicentenartio de los Sitios de Zaragoza (Fundacion 2008 Zaragoza, 2007)
    • Membership of steering committee established to organise international congress, Tudela 2007 (Universities of Pamplona and Zaragoza, 2006)
    • Member of the British delegation to the official commemoration of the Battle of Trafalgar (British Embassy, Madrid., 2005)

    Other Personal Distinctions

    • Legion of Merit (International Napoleonic Society, 2004)
    • Annual Literary Award (International Napoleonic Society, 1996)