Prof Charles Esdaile BA, Phd, FRHistS

Professor in History (Napoleonic Europe, Modern Spain) History


    Personal Statement

    A historian working at the interface of military, political and social history, I am a specialist on Spain in the Revolutionary and Napoleonic era, and, more specifically the Peninsular War of 1808-14. However, my work has also ranged over the history of Spain in the whole period from 1788 to 1939, as well as the general history of Napoleon and his empire.

    Personal Distinctions

    • Membership of British delegation (Peninsular War 200 2011)
    • The Wars in Spain and Iraq: some Comparisons (Invitation to Speak, United States Military Academy, West Point 2009)
    • Vice-President, Peninsular War 200 (Ministry of Defence 2009)
    • Member of official British delegation (HM Embassy 200/Ayuntamiento de Talavera 2009)
    • The Napoleonic Wars in Global Perspective (Keynote Speech, International Commission for Military History 2009)
    • Gran Bretana y la Guerra de Espana (Invitation to Speak, Excmo. Ayto. de Merida 2008)
    • La intervencion britanica en la guerra peninsular (Invitation to Speak, Fundacion Sierra-Pambley 2008)
    • Asturias, Gran Bretana y y la insurrecion espanola, 1808 (Invitation to Speak, Gobierno de Asturias 2008)
    • La Guerra de la Independencia en la novela y la television: la obra de Bernard Cornwell (Invitation to Speak, Universidad de Oviedo 2008)
    • Round Table on the Peninsular War (Invitation to Speak, Instituto de Cervantes, London 2008)
    • The Spanish uprising seen from Great Britain (Invitation to Speak, Universite de Aix-en-Provence 2008)
    • El ejercito del Duque de Wellington (Invitation to Speak, Academia General Militar/Universidad de Zaragoza 2008)
    • La intervencion napoleonica: un crisis balcanico? (Invitation to Speak, Excelentisimo Ayuntamiento de Bailen/Universidad de Jaen 2008)
    • Los mitos de la Guerra de la Independencia (Invitation to Speak, Universidad de Cadiz 2008)
    • British military intervention in Spain, 1808-1814 (Invitation to Speak, Fundacion Hispano-Britanico 2008)
    • From liberal to servile: the strange case of John Downie (Invitation to Speak, University of Warwick 2007)
    • membership of comite Cientifico del Bicentenartio de los Sitios de Zaragoza (Fundacion 2008 Zaragoza 2007)
    • Espana en el ajedrez europeo: la intervencion napoleonica revisitada (Invitation to Speak, Universidad Cardenal Herrera 2007)
    • Study tour of Poland (Government of the Republic of Poland 2007)
    • La guerrilla extremena, 1808-1814: algunos apuntes (Invitation to Speak, Foro para el Estudio de la Historia Militar de Espana 2007)
    • La guerra de Espana visto desde Gran Bretana (Invitation to Speak, Universidad Publica de Navarra 2007)
    • Los espanoles frente a la invaison napoleonica: contrastes y diferencias (Invitation to Speak, Universidad de Alicante 2006)
    • Napoleon as Strategist (Invitation to Speak, Highpoint University 2006)
    • Membership of steering committee established to organise international congress, Tudela 2007 (Universities of Pamplona and Zaragoza 2006)
    • Análisis de las fuerzas inglesas a la batalla de Trafalgar (Invitation to Speak, Instituto Espaanol de Estudios Estrategicos 2005)
    • La guerrilla española, 1808-1814: hombres, nombres e identidades (Invitation to Speak, Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona 2005)
    • Member of the British delegation to the official commemoration of the Battle of Trafalgar (British Embassy, Madrid. 2005)
    • Twenty-five years on the trail of the Spanish guerrillas (Keynote Speech, Consortium on Revolutionary Europe 2005)
    • El enfrentamiento de Trafalgar (Invitation to Speak, Instituto de Historia y Cultura Naval, Madrid 2005)
    • El general y el gobierno: la intervencion britanica en Espana en 1808 (Invitation to Speak, Instituto de Historia y Cultura Militar, Madrid 2004)
    • El general y el gobierno: la intervencion britanica en Espana en 1808 (Invitation to Speak, Instituto de Historia y Cultura Militar, Madrid 2004)
    • Legion of Merit (International Napoleonic Society 2004)
    • Annual Literary Award (International Napoleonic Society 1996)

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