Synthia Hynes 

Postgraduate Research Student  


This research project seeks to improve our understanding of the role of the English Ambassadress by considering these women prosopographically over the long eighteenth century. An analysis of the nature, extent, and impact of their diplomatic/political involvement while on mission will follow and allow an exploration of the ways in which they were tacitly or openly recognised as political actors by their contemporaries, male and female. 

Before pursuing a research degree at University of Liverpool, I completed an MA in History at UCL and a BA in International History, with Political Science and Philosophy Minors at Richmond, the American International University in London. I completed my BA and MA with dissertation titles Elite Women in British Politics During the Long Eighteenth Century" and The Last Tsarina, The Perceptions and Rejections of Alexandra Feodorovna", respectively.  

Thesis Title

"The English Ambassadress in a Cosmopolitan World: Women, Diplomacy and Politics in the Long 18th Century" 

Research Interests

My broader research interests encompass social and political histories and womens studies, particularly between the eighteenth and twentieth centuries.