Kerrie McGiveron

Postgraduate Research Student


Kerrie has a BA and an MA in History and 20th Century History, respectively. 

Research Interests

Thesis Title

"What is a Big Flame Group? Uncovering a radical, internationalist socialist-feminist organisation, 1970-1984."

Big Flame was a self-styled socialist feminist revolutionary group formed in Liverpool in 1970. This thesis will be the first qualitative and inter-disciplinary study, combining archival research with in-depth semi-structured interviews, of the Big Flame groups in Merseyside and East London between 1970 and 1984. It interprets Big Flame in the context of the growing literature on post-1968 European radical groups, and provides a unique and timely insight into social protest at grass-roots levels. The project will seek to situate Big Flame within the wider context of socialist feminism to assess the feminist challenge to the New Left and ascertain how Big Flame groups, as an unusual socialist feminist movement, reflected and adapted to broader social changes in feminism at this time. Neglected in historical and sociological scholarship on the politics of the Left in Liverpool, the story of Big Flame promises to make a significant contribution to our understanding of both socialist and feminist movements in Merseyside and Britain more broadly during the 1970s and 1980s.

Kerrie's wider research interests cover new left activism, second wave feminism and specifically, the radical left wing group, Big Flame. She looks at gender, class and radical political movements of the 20th Century. 

Research Funding

Arts and Humanities Research Centre (AHRC) - North West Consortium Doctoral Training Partnership (NWCDTP)