Ian Jones

Postgraduate Research Student



Ian has a BA in History from Coventry University.

Research Interests

Thesis Title

"Accounts with interest: Opening up the archives of Barclays Bank."

While most archival literature has focused on the role of public archives and their role in society, less has been written on corporate archives and what has been written has often been produced from the perspective of the corporate archivist themselves discussing what their particular provides to the wider business. Additionally, there has also been a renewed interest in corporate archives as a resource for business historians and an interest in how businesses use history as a strategic resource. However, there is little research on the benefits that archives provide for a corporate organisation from an outside perspective. Ian's research looks to investigate how Barclays Group Archives contributes to the success of Barclays Bank as a corporate organisation through the services they provide.

Ian's wider research interests include the process of creating histories and their use persuading others; the build-up, aftermath, and neutral countries during WW1; and knowledge management and creation in a business context.

Research Group Membership

Centre for Heritage

Research Funding

Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC)