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PhD research

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Atkins, Lee The Representation of Childhood & Cultural Encounters in the Victorian Periodical Press L.Atkins@liverpool.ac.uk
Bradbury, Pablo Revolutionary Christianity in Argentina: Liberation Theology, Society and the Dictatorships (1960-1990) P.Bradbury@liverpool.ac.uk
Bubak, Nicholas Imperial identity of the early Scouting Movement  Nicholas.Bubak@liverpool.ac.uk
Buckle, Linda-Jane Diplomatic communication between Iran, UK and US since 1979  Linda-Jane.Buckle@liverpool.ac.uk
Butler, Jessica Paternal Child Killing in the Early Twentieth Century jbutler9@liv.ac.uk
Clarke, Alison Art dealers Agnew's and the National Gallery as 'centres of expertise', 1874-1916 alison.clarke@liverpool.ac.uk
Fuqua, Nicholas A comparison of slavery’s impact on the built environments of Charleston and Liverpool Nicholas.Fuqua@liverpool.ac.uk
Gibbs, Emily J. Nuclear Anxiety in British Life, 1952-1989 E.Gibbs@liverpool.ac.uk
Goodbody, Felix Liverpool's Medical Community since 1930 F.Goodbody@liverpool.ac.uk
Grealy, David Human Rights and British Diplomacy, 1977-1994: An Intellectual Biography of David Owen D.Grealy@liverpool.ac.uk
Jones, Ian Accounts With Interest: Opening up the Archives of Barclays Bank Ian.Jones2@liverpool.ac.uk
Jones, Sophie H.  From Anglicisation to Loyalism: New York, 1691-1783 S.h.jones@liv.ac.uk
Kelly, Joe Supply Chains and Transnational Bonds: Slavery and Capitalism in Anti-Slavery Britain hsjkell4@liv.ac.uk
Kilfoyle, Lucy Liberalism and Lampoonery in Liverpool: the Politics of Satirical Journalism in a Mid-19th Century Provincial Town  L.Kilfoyle@liverpool.ac.uk
Kmiot, David Post-war Liverpool exceptionalism and "apartness"  D.Kmiot@liverpool.ac.uk
Lees, Jane The First and Second Crusade - configurations of power in the early twelfth century  J.Lees@liverpool.ac.uk
Li, Teng The Work of The Holy Spirit: Anselm of Havelberg on Historical Theology and Church Reunion  Teng.Li@liverpool.ac.uk
McColl, Julie Mad Jim, the Missionary Martyr  J.A.Mccoll@liverpool.ac.uk
Morrissey, Thomas J. The West Country Gentry and the English Reformation c.1530-c.1580. T.Morrissey@liverpool.ac.uk
Mulhearn, Rachel Women's migration from the U.K. 1914-1929 Rachel.Mulhearn@liverpool.ac.uk
Nasomtrug, Kanokporn Community Archives in Thailand  K.Nasomtrug@liverpool.ac.uk
Payne, Daniel Liverpool: The anatomy of Social and Political change 1918-1939 D.Payne@liverpool.ac.uk
Poolsatitiwat, Miss Waraporn Identification of the factors shaping archival education in Thailand and an investigation into the effectiveness of that education in preparing graduates for the archival workplace W.Poolsatitiwat@liverpool.ac.uk
Ramsey-Brimberg, Danica, C. The Powers That Be: Viking Identity and Involvement in Politics and Religion in the Irish Sea Area D.Ramsey-Brimberg@liverpool.ac.uk
Roberts, Louise Race, Imperialism and the British Freak Show louise.roberts@liverpool.ac.uk 
Sargeant, Phillip Administration of Sir Robert Walpole, 1721-42 Phillip.Sargeant@liverpool.ac.uk 
Smith, Richard G. Opposing Pinochet: the causes and consequences of protest in Santiago de Chile in the 1980s R.G.Smith@liverpool.ac.uk
Stafford, Craig Women and Drink in the Manchester Region, c1870-1881 Craig.Stafford@liverpool.ac.uk
Strickland, Jeannette William Lever as Advertiser and Marketeer Jeannette.Strickland@liverpool.ac.uk
Warner, Dan Space, place and working class culture in inner city Liverpool, 1965-1985 D.Warner@liverpool.ac.uk
Webb, Jack The Spectre of Haiti, 1804-2007 J.D.Webb2@liverpool.ac.uk
Webb, Tom Mobilizing Animals: Warfare, Agency and Human-Animal Relations on the British Home Front, 1939-1945 t.webb@liverpool.ac.uk
Westgaph, Laurence African Liverpool: Black Community in a Slave Trade City L.Westgaoh@liverpool.ac.uk
Wilson, Beth The Emotional Dimensions of Enslavement in the American South B.Wilson5@liverpool.ac.uk