Students' success in bid to run 'Postgraduates in Latin American Studies'

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A group of doctoral and prospective doctoral students researching Latin America have been successful in their bid to run ‘Postgraduates in Latin American Studies’ (PiLAS), the postgraduate arm of the Society for Latin American Studies. Collaborating with students from Manchester University and Liverpool John Moores University, they will run a programme of activities, such as the annual conference to be held in Liverpool in June 2018.

All events will reflect the interests of the committee members and will focus on links between their varied areas of academic research and activism. Topics explored will include; Maya women and sexual violence in Guatemala, the impact on human rights of hydroelectricity in Ecuador, the social anthropology of alternative currencies in Mexico, political violence in Chile and violence prevention in El Salvador, the portrayal of immigration in Spanish film and the link between performance art, intellectualism and politics.

The first PiLAS event will be in Manchester on 5 December 2017 and will cover all aspects of conducting fieldwork in Latin America.

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