Historians establish new network on ‘Ecology and agriculture in Europe and the Mediterranean, c.400-1100’.

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Dr Marios Costambeys will this September help to inaugurate a new network dedicated to studying ‘Ecology and agriculture in Europe and the Mediterranean, c.400-1100’, supported by the UGA-Liverpool Exchange agreement. Dr Costambeys will be conducting a workshop on his paper ‘“Brother Bacchus”? Vineyards, wine and distinction in post-Roman Europe’as part of UGA’s ‘Dirty History’ series. The network’s UGA partner, Professor Jamie Kreiner, will reciprocate with a paper at Liverpool on 30 November 2017 in the Liverpool Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies seminar series. Members of the network are exploring ways in which the ecologically sensitive agriculture of the early middle ages can inform contemporary farming, increasingly aware as it is of the interdependency of humans and the natural environment.