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Doctor of Education 

The University of Liverpool’s online Doctor of Education (EdD) programme focuses on the latest practice, research, and leadership thinking in higher education, with an emphasis on universities. And because it is 100% online, you can continue working while you study.

The programme is designed to develop educational leaders in universities across the world and is based around two stages: a pre-thesis stage and a thesis stage. Recent theses that have led to the award of the doctorate are listed below.

The programme is offered in partnership with Laureate Online Education.

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The future of education is one of my passions and the programme structure and content matches my philosophy of education.

Rosalind Rice, EdD
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Doctoral theses of recent students  

Teaching and learning in Higher Education

Accessing the learning lifeworld: transformative student learning experiences in regional academic travel at New York University Abu Dhabi  Jason Beckerman 
  Exploring the impact of a professional doctorate on higher education organizations: A critical realist perspective Mariangela Lundgren-Resenterra
  Understanding student motivations and choice criteria to enrol in a French German double degree programme Yves Marmiesse 

Professional education

How can NHS-University partnerships collaborate to deliver translational clinical research? A case study of local responses to the evolving external policy environment Cochrane Catherine 
  Troublesome Mental Health Knowledge in a Western Canadian undergraduate Nursing education program: Student and Faculty Perspectives Don Leidl  
  Clinical academics’ views on teaching undergraduate medical students
David Taylor 

Organisation and management in Higher Education

Minimizing change fatigue amongst directors and managers through introducing an authentic leadership style at a small university in the southwest United States Laura Nunnelly
  Strengthening institutional management of transnational higher education: Implications derived from a thematic analysis of the Cycle 2 audit reports of the Australian Universities Quality Agency Sally Stafford 
  Managing the personal and organisational values of Higher Education Professionals in an African Development Institution Sunday Udoh

Technology enhanced learning in Higher Education

Using technology for student feedback: Lecturer perspectives Lydia Arnold
  Practitioner Involvement in Experiential Online Learning in Higher Business Education: A Case Study Stefan Albert Leuenberger

International Higher Education 

Transnational Medical and Nursing Education: An exploration of its impact on Bahraini females Wendy Maddison
  Identifying and Exploring Discrepancies in Study Abroad Intent Amongst First-Year Japanese University Students Andrew Nowlan
  International branch campus faculty member experiences of the academic library Alicia Salaz