Heseltine Institute Working Paper Series - Voices and echoes: The story of regeneration in the North West

The purpose of this series of working papers is to enable actors who were centrally involved in Liverpool’s reversal in fortunes from the 1980s to give voice to their perspective on the city and the journey it has been on.

Our intention is to layer formal published scholarship in this area with a richer texture of more personal insights and viewpoints from those who were quite literally working at the front line during this period.

We welcome submissions from other key stakeholders/actors/activists who have played a role in the story of the city’s recovery (of whatever political persuasion, and from private, public, and third sector perspectives) and who feel they have a personal but informative account to offer. Clearly, recovery is an ongoing process and much work remains to be done. But we are interested here particularly in the voices of people who participated in the life of the city in the 1980s, 1990s and early noughties.