View from Everton Park, Liverpool

Heseltine Institute Policy Briefing 2(07)

In the latest policy briefing in our Recovery and Renewal series, Heseltine Institute research associates Tom Arnold and James Hickson assess the Levelling Up White Paper.

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The Levelling Up White Paper: Real change or more of the same? [PDF 1.0MB] 

The much-anticipated white paper represents the latest attempt to address the entrenched regional disparities that make the UK one of the most spatially unequal nations in the developed world. The paper fleshes out the devolution agenda, recognises that improving prosperity across all parts of the UK should be a central mission of government, and emphasises the importance of the foundations of prosperity: education, health and social infrastructure.

Will the proposals included within the white paper be sufficient to meet the challenges facing Liverpool City Region and other post-industrial regions? This policy briefing addresses this question and identifies areas where further work is required from national and local leaders.

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