Why Study Here?

Our academic staff

Our academic staff are qualified healthcare practitioners who engage in scholarly activity and are contributing state of the art ideas, yet still understand the practicalities of working with patients.


We cover a wide range of professional disciplines, including nursing, occupational therapy, medical imaging, orthoptics physiotherapy and radiotherapy. In addition we provide training in areas such as leadership and management, to equip today's modern clinicians

Inter-professional training

We welcome healthcare professionals from many disciplines and countries. Training is multi-professional so you'll gain the broadest perspective of healthcare, which is perfect for today's patient focused NHS.


We've recently introduced new technology to the school, including a virtual reality clinical training suite, as part of a continuing investment programme. 


Our wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate and CPD courses provide real choice and flexibility. Many of our students have gone on to senior management positions in public and private sector healthcare, in the UK and overseas.

Student support

The School is big enough to support world class teaching, but small enough for everyone to be on first name terms. We have a dedicated support team ready to help you with any academic or welfare issue.