School of Health Sciences Welcome Week 2020

On behalf of the School of Health Sciences, I am delighted to welcome you as a new student into our multi-professional School. The School of Health Sciences comprises a number of programmes including Diagnostic Radiography, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Orthoptics, Physiotherapy, Therapeutic Radiography & Oncology and the Foundation to Health and Veterinary Sciences (Year 0) programme. In addition, because we firmly believe in lifelong learning we offer Postgraduate Studies in Advanced Practice, Nursing, Critical Care Nursing Therapeutic Radiography & Oncology. The integration of Health Sciences within the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences places it at the forefront of developments in the education and research of a wide range of health care professionals. The Faculty provides opportunity for cross-School education and research activities, and the diversity of disciplines in the Faculty provides a stimulating environment, which enriches the staff and student experience.

The School welcomes well-motivated, enthusiastic and ambitious students into its challenging and comprehensive range of programmes. We offer a Year 0 Foundation programme, BN Honours, BSc Honours, Postgraduate Certificates, Postgraduate Diploma and MSc programmes. All of our programmes are designed to meet the needs of health care professionals in the 21st century.

As a School, we actively promote an inclusive culture of trust and respect with open, transparent and shared decision making between staff, students and clinical partners. We will work in partnership with you so that you attain your optimum potential, both academically and as an emerging healthcare practitioner.
As such, we have established a challenging vision for the School and you will be a key part of this evolution.


“In partnership with healthcare collaborators, we will deliver internationally renowned teaching and research that shapes the future of healthcare professionals and the care they deliver. Our reputation will be that of a collaborative community of learners, which serves as an example to the rest of the University and beyond”.
Consequently, the School of Health Sciences is committed to providing:

  • A stimulating, supportive and inter-professional learning environment for a wide range of students through high quality, innovative teaching underpinned by research and other scholarly activities.
  • High quality learning and teaching that produces highly employable practitioners and provides opportunities for them to enhance their skills and knowledge through continuing professional development.
  • Evidence-based health care, through primary research and research synthesis and links with health and social care partners.

Your Welcome Pack will help you in your first few days at the University. It contains important information about the schedule for Welcome Week, and also tells you how to contact the Student Support Centre if you have any questions. There is a lot of additional information on our website. Please do not worry if it seems a lot to take in.
We will work hard during Welcome Week and in the first semester to make your transition to undergraduate study as smooth as possible. Starting study at a large higher education organisation can be overwhelming, I encourage you to get to know your staff programme teams from the outset of your studies. They are there to support you and to signpost further help and guidance, should you need it.

I wish you success in your studies and hope you enjoy your time with us in Health Sciences at the University of Liverpool and I very much look forward to welcoming you to the School in person in September.

Denise Prescott
Dean of School

Contact Details

During the current COVID-19 pandemic, The Student Experience Administration teams are not on site, but are working remotely, however we are all still available to assist you with any queries or help you need. If you would like any further guidance or information about the School of Health Sciences either before or after your arrival in September, please contact one of the relevant team members listed below.

Queries regarding, accommodation, health questionnaires and examination certificates, should be directed to the admissions unit
Undergraduate Student Experience team:

BSc(Hons) Diagnostic Radiography
• Sue Flynn – Student Experience Administrator
• Tel no: +44 (0)151 794 5761
• email:

BN(Hons) Nursing
• Clare Williams – Student Experience Administrator
• Tel no: +44 (0)151 794 5907
• email:

BSc(Hons) Orthoptics
• Lily Byrne – Student Experience Administrator
• Tel no: +44 (0)151 794 5731
• email:

BSc(Hons) Occupational Therapy
• Ann Furlong – Student Experience Administrator
• Tel no: +44 (0)151 794 5725
• email:

BSc(Hons) Physiotherapy
• Fleur Bode – Student Experience Administrator
• Tel no: +44 (0)151 794 5741
• email:

BSc(Hons) Therapeutic Radiography & Oncology
• Allan Saunders – Undergraduate Student Experience Co-ordinator
• Tel no: +44 (0)151 794 5750
• email:

Foundation to Health and Veterinary Science – (Year 0)
• Liz Brignal – Student Experience Administrator
• Tel no: +44 (0)151 794 5799
• email:

Postgraduate Student Experience Team
• Alison Darnton – Postgraduate Student Experience Co-ordinator
• Tel no: +44 (0)151 795 7786
• email:

• Teri Harding – Student Experience Administrator
• Tel no: +44 (0)151 794 5561
• email:

Registration information

Full details on how you can register are included in the ‘Your Registration’ document which will be sent to you electronically by Student Administration and Support (SAS). It can also be found online or via your Liverpool Life account.
Your Personalised Programme of Events (Welcome Week Timetable)
Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the Government guidance on social distancing measures being implemented, all of this year’s Welcome Week activities within the School will be delivered online via Zoom or MS Teams. These events will introduce you to the School of Health Sciences and also to your specific programme of study within the School and to the University as a whole and will provide you with a foundation to ensure you gain maximum benefit from your time at Liverpool. Other events and activities are designed to introduce you to University life and to help you to get to know the campus. Details of programme-specific activities can be accessed via the links below:

Foundation to Health and Veterinary Science Year 0 - Welcome Week Timetable 202
Foundation year welcome week website
Diagnostic Radiography Welcome Week timetable Sept 2020
Nursing Welcome Week 2020 Timetable
Orthoptics Welcome Week Timetable Sep 2020
OT Welcome Week Timetable Sep 2020
Updated Final Version Physio Welcome Week Timetable Sep 2020
Therapeutic Radiography Welcome Week Timetable Sep 2020

The University Welcome Week pages

The University of Liverpool welcome webpage will provide useful and the most up to date information on Welcome Week including all the contents of your Welcome Pack in electronic format. Please visit

This year, the University have developed a Welcome Week App and you will receive communication from central university with further details when it is launched on 10th September.

Student Support Services

Your first few days at University can be quite confusing and it may take time for you to settle into your new surroundings and life as a student. It may also be your first time away from home. At the Student Service Centre specialist teams are available to help with any practical, emotional or general issues. They can also direct you to the most appropriate services across the University.

Please visit

Within the School of Health Sciences the following support is available if you want someone to talk to:

  • Academic Advisor – you will be allocated an Academic Advisor from within your programme who you should meet in welcome week
  • Peer mentor – you will soon be contacted by a 2nd year student who will be your peer mentor whilst at University. You should also have the opportunity to meet with them within welcome week, although this will be during an online virtual Zoom or MS Teams session due to the current social distancing measures.
  • Senior Academic Advisor - you can speak to Pauline Keane (Senior Academic Advisor) 0151 794 5814 about any issues you may have.
  • School of Health Sciences student support webpages:
  • Please do make contact with any of the above or staff within the School of Health Sciences if you have any queries. Further information about the support available at School and University level will be provided once you are here at the University.

Confirmation of Qualifications:

Most of you will have already provided proof of your qualifications at interview. However, for those of you who haven’t already done so, please provide scanned copies of all your certificates and/or examination results slip. This must include GCSEs, ‘A2, AS Levels and Degree Certificates, as listed on your UCAS application and you must email these to by 31 August 2020. Please note failure to produce proof of all of your qualifications will result in your registration/studies being suspended until evidence is provided.

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Checks:

The following information applies to students studying undergraduate programmes only.

You are required to complete an Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) application. This is a very important part of the induction process and you will have already received an email with a link to submit your application online and instructions and guidance on how to complete this. These checks are compulsory and are paid for by the University. Failure to complete this process satisfactorily will delay any scheduled placement activity and, therefore, your progress on the programme.

Health Screening:

It is compulsory for all health profession students to undertake a health screening/ immunisation programme when they commence their programme. Should students be asked to attend an appointment with the University Occupational Health department, they must attend, even if this conflicts with Welcome Week events or taught sessions.

The Department of Health recommends that all healthcare students should receive two MMR vaccinations before commencing training. Most of you will have received these in childhood. If so, you need take no further action. If you have not received one or both MMR vaccinations previously, please attend your NHS GP’s surgery and request these before enrolment. This will help to speed up the health clearance process once you arrive at the University. In the very rare event of a genuine medical contraindication for the MMR vaccine, you can discuss this with our occupational health nurse during screening.

If you were holding an ‘unconditional’ offer you should have already received an Occupational Health Questionnaire to complete and return to the Occupational Health Service of the University. If you were holding a ‘conditional’ offer relating to results pending, this document will be sent to you, under separate cover once confirmation of your results has been received. (Please note that this process can take up to 7 working days) If you do not receive this communication please contact the Admissions Unit (e-mail to request a duplicate copy.

Where required, appointments with the Occupational Health Service for health screening, obligatory immunisations and blood tests, will be scheduled as questionnaires are returned and it is imperative that you complete the necessary documentation, and return the forms at the earliest possible opportunity. Failure to return these documents will result in a delay to obtaining Occupational Health Clearance and will impact on your ability to undertake placements. It is essential that your name and date of birth (the combination of which uniquely identify you) be entered on BOTH parts or the form will be invalid. This will lead to delays, could impact on your ability to go into Placement. For Nursing students, if your start date for placement is delayed, you may need to complete any outstanding time during your holiday period.
You should be aware that the information returned will be kept in confidence by the Occupational Health Service. A recommendation with regard to your fitness to train and any additional support you may need would be based on the health questionnaire and any subsequent occupational health screening tests. Students are encouraged to scan completed health questionnaires and email these in PDF format to

Informed Consent

Taught practical sessions are an integral component of the undergraduate programmes in the School of Health Sciences. In this context, practical sessions include hands-on practical activities such as manual handling and the practice of professional techniques on other students (examples - interviewing, role play,
physiological testing, diagnostic techniques and therapeutic modalities). Students will be expected to consent and to fully participate in these sessions, both in the University setting and on practice placements and are asked to sign a School Statement of Student Consent form at the start of each year. You will be contacted once you start your programme with further details on the completion of these form.

Practice Placements

Depending on your programme, Professional Practice Placements will be arranged in the North West Region (Diagnostic Radiography, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Therapeutic Radiography & Oncology) or nationally (Orthoptics). Students are required to attend the Practice Placement arranged for them. You will be required to sign a declaration to this effect during the induction period.


Whilst on placement you are required to wear a uniform which is provided for you. Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the companies that provide your uniforms are unable to come onto campus and measure you in person. They have therefore developed an online ordering portal with measuring guides etc and you must complete your online order as soon as possible once you are emailed the link to the ordering portal to enable your uniform to be delivered in time for the start of term. The uniforms are purchased on your behalf by the University, so there is no fee to pay, however, please visit the link on this webpage to the programme information for your individual programme where there are specific details as to additional items of uniform that you are required to purchase.

Student Attendance:

The progress of students on all School of Health Sciences programmes is bound by the ordinances and regulations of the degrees. In all cases these state that in order for students to progress in their studies, attendance must be satisfactory. In the School of Health Sciences this normally means attendance in excess of 90% of the programme of study. There is a policy document that advises of the procedures in place and you will be given access to this when you register.

Applying for a student loan

Information about applying for a student loan can be found on To find out more about the Student Loans Company please visit their website at

Financial Support

Students starting and continuing their course from September 2020 can apply for the NHS Learning Support Fund (NHS LSF) if they are studying one of the following pre-registration undergraduate or postgraduate courses:

  • Nursing
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Orthoptics
  • Physiotherapy
  • Radiography (Diagnostic and Therapeutic)

NHS LSF offers support for:

  • A Training Grant for all eligible students of £5,000 per academic year
  • Parental Support of £2,000 for students with at least one dependent child under 15 years, or under 17 years if registered with special educational needs (this used to be called Child Dependants Allowance)
  • Reimbursement of excess costs incurred on practice placement for travel and temporary accommodation costs (Travel and Dual Accommodation Expenses)
  • Students experiencing financial hardship (Exceptional Support Fund)
  • Further information on the NHS Learning Support Fund and how to make an application can be found at the following link: Fund

The Liverpool Guild of Students (Student Societies)

The students’ union, called the Liverpool Guild of Students (LGoS), supports students throughout the course of their studies. They offer advice, a range of extra-curricular activities, and are at the very heart of the social life on campus. They give students a chance to share their activities, develop their interests and skills, and ultimately have a lot of fun. As a charity, they have a clear mission to improve the quality of life for all Liverpool students.
Please visit

Your Programme Details

Specific information in relation to your chosen degree programme and your Welcome Week timetable can be found at the one of following links:

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