Dr Anna O'Connor PhD

Senior Lecturer School of Health Sciences


Personal Distinctions

  • Invited instructional course - quality of life measure and outcomes in strabismus (Invitation to Speak, American Associated of Certified Orthoptists, Chicago 2012)
  • Invited talk - Mono Vision 101 (Invitation to Speak, American Academy of Ophthalmology, Chicago 2012)
  • Invited speaker at research forum, University of Sheffield (Invitation to Speak, University of Sheffield, Department of Orthoptics 2011)
  • Invited speaker at Rotterdam Amblyopia Meeting (Invitation to Speak, Erasmus University, Rotterdam 2011)
  • Invitation to speak at the Conference of the Newborn (Invitation to Speak, Conference of the Newborn 2009)
  • Invited to speak at the European society of ophthalmology meeting (Invitation to Speak, European society of ophthalmology 2009)
  • Invited to run 2 instructional courses (Invitation to Speak, American association of certified orthoptists 2008)
  • Invitation to speak at the Essex Orthoptics meeting (Invitation to Speak, Essex Orthoptics meeting 2008)
  • Best conference poster (Prize, University of Liverpool School of Health Sciences 2007)
  • Invitation to speak (Invitation to Speak, Royal College of Ophthalmology 2005)
  • Invitation to speak (Invitation to Speak, British and Irish Orthoptic Society 2005)
  • Speaker at the Texas Pediatric Ophthamological Society (Invitation to Speak, Texas Pediatric Ophthalmological Society 2002)
  • Invitation to speak (Invitation to Speak, Vanderbilt University 2002)
  • Run course on the outcome of low birth weight infants (Invitation to Speak, American Association of Certified Orthoptists 2002)

Administrative Roles

  • I am the elearning representative for orthoptics and work closely with the technology enhanced learning team.

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