Current CPD

The majority of modules offered on our taught postgraduate programmes are also available as credit-bearing CPD courses.  Shown below are the modules running from September 2019 through to the summer of 2020 to illustrate the range of courses that are available.  To discuss bespoke CPD developments or to find out more information about any of the modules shown below please email to


Semester 1 Modules (September to December 2019)
  • HEAL415 Therapeutic Communication Skills for Advanced Practice (Level 7, 20 credits)
  • HEAL 442 Perspectives in Advancing Professional Practice (Level 7, 20 credits)
  • HEAL447 Clinical Skills & Diagnostics (Adult Cardiovascular & Respiratory in Acute & Long-Term Conditions), (Level 7, 20 credits)
  • HEAL449 Fundamentals of Medical Image Interpretation (Level 7, 20 credits)
  • HEAL462 Managing Risk & Vulnerability in Clinical Settings (Level 7, 20 credits)


Semester 2 Modules (January to May 2020)
  • HEAL401 Development of Leadership Skills in Health and Social Care (Level 7, 20 credits)
  • HEAL405 Diagnosis & Triage of Spinal Musculoskeletal Disorders (Level 7, 20 credits)
  • HEAL435 Clinical Skills & Diagnostics (Adult Neurology) (Level 7, 20 credits)
  • HEAL441 Managing Complexity in Clinical Environments (Level 7, 20 credits)
  • HEAL443 Supporting Learning in Professional Practice (Multi-professional Support of Learning & Assessment in Practice) (Level 7, 20 credits)
  • HEAL446 Negotiated Work Based Learning – Developing Practice Skills (Level 7, 20 credits)


In addition, HEAL422 Concepts of Management of Musculoskeletal Trauma (Level 7, 20 credits) [MS1] will run in February to March 2020, and two online modules are also available:

  • RADT750 Advancing Practice in Prostate Cancer Management & patient Care (Level 7, 20 credits)
  • RADT751 Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) in Radiotherapy (Level 7, 20 credits)


The School also offers two Non-Medical Prescribing modules which when taken together can be used to gain recognition with both the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC) and the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) as non-medical prescribers.  The two modules run over both semesters (September to May) each year:

  • HEAL444 Non-Medical Prescribing (Independent & Supplementary Prescribing) (Level 7, 30 credits)
  • HEAL445 Essentials of Pharmacology for Non-Medical Prescribing (Level 7, 10 credits)