Prof. Claire Eyers

Claire is a Professor of Biological Mass Spectrometry and Co-Director of the Centre for Proteome Research. Claire is an expert in many aspects of proteins mass spectrometry. Her own research specialises in the development and application of mass spectrometry-based strategies to understand protein modification in health and disease.

Dr Ed Emmott

Ed is a Tenure Track Fellow in the Centre for Proteome Research. Ed's research focuses on studying virus-host interactions and virus replication using mass spectrometry, and the development of mass spectrometry-based methods for low input and single-cell proteomics.

Dr Philip Brownridge

Philip is a PhD graduate of the prestigious Michael Barber Centre for Mass Spectrometry. Philip has an instinctive and intimate knowledge of mass spectrometers. This is put to good use managing the highly technical instrument base and can provide a useful additional angle when designing experiments and interpreting data.

Dr Joscelyn Harris 

Joscelyn did her PhD in Biomedical Imaging investigating human liver diseases. Joscelyn has specialised in the unusual mass spectrometry techniques available here at the Centre for Proteome Research. She is the local expert on the MALDI imaging and REIMS analysis.

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