Applications and Technologies

Our wide range of state-of-the-art instrumentation enables us to analyse both routine and unusual samples. We are able to cater for most types of samples and studies.

What we do:

Protein Discovery

The bread and butter of our service perfect for identifying large numbers of proteins or peptides.

Quantitative Proteomics

There are many different types of quantification methodologies. We are capable of doing both absolute quantification (QconCAT methods) and relative quantification (SILAC and TMT methods).

Protein Characterisation

Protein characterisation encompasses several methodologies:

  • De novo protein sequencing
  • Protein Identification
  • Localisation of post-translational modifications
  • Intact protein analysis

Weird and Wonderful

We also have a selection of ionisation methods that widen our capabilities.

  • Rapid Evaporative Ionisation Mass Spectrometry (REIMS)
    • Ionises unprocessed samples, used for creating spectral patterns and classifying sample type
  • Matrix-assisted laser desorption ionisation
    • Used for quick analysis of simple mixtures or small non-volatile molecules
    • Also capable of imaging tissue sections and includes a matrix sprayer and digestion station
  • Desorption electrospray ionisation
    • Used for the imaging of tissue sections
  • Gas-Chromatography Mass Spectrometry
    • Used for the analysis of small volatile molecules
  • Ion-mobility
    • Used for detecting conformational effects of ligand binding

Instruments at our Disposal

We have 10 instruments of 7 varieties:

  • Thermo Q-Exactive
  • Thermo Q-Exactive HF
  • Thermo Fusion
  • Thermo Lumos
  • Waters Xevo TQ
  • Waters Synapt G2Si HDMS
  • Waters GCT Premier

Each instrument is capable of coupling to at least one of the online separation techniques or specialist ionisation sources listed below:

  • Thermo U3000 UPLC
  • Waters NanoAquity UPLC
  • SCIEX 8000+ capillary electrophoresis
  • Thermo HESI Probe
  • Waters REIMS Source
  • Waters MALDI Source
  • Waters DESI Source
  • Thermo Nano-Spray source

Other offline capabilities include:

  • High pH Fractionation
  • Protein purification
  • De-Salting
  • Phospho-enrichment

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