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Offering a one-stop-shop service for the entire Design—Building—Test—Learn cycle

With an investment from the BBSRC, the Genemill was established for the rapid high throughput construction and testing of synthetic DNA constructs.

Genemill removes complexity for the end user, providing end-to-end design, construction and phenotypic validation of libraries of gene constructs for academic and industrial applications.

Technologies contained within the Genemill are centred around the latest Synthetic Biology techniques and are designed to allow a complete end-to-end service through Design-Build-Test.  This includes DNA construct design, HT DNA fabrication and cloning and phenotyping.

For any enquiries about the facilities available with Genemill, please complete the enquiry form or e-mail one of the team:

Dr Jesus Enrique Salcado Sora

Miss Nichola Rockliffe

Dr Chrispian Theron


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