Tailored and innovative support for Early Career Researchers

The Faculty of Health and Life Sciences is committed to providing a supportive environment to ensure the optimal growth and development of our Early Career Researchers. Many programmes, support systems and training opportunities are available to give Early Career Researchers the support they need to successfully establish themselves as independent researchers.

The type of support the Faculty offers includes:

  • Comprehensive induction processes
  • Postdoc networks
  • Personal mentoring schemes
  • Workshops on various topics.

Recent workshops have tackled topics such as:

  • Surviving your postdoc
  • Applying for funding
  • Applying for fellowships
  • Using video/podcasts to publicise your research
  • Establishing a work life balance
  • Women in academia

In the Faculty, we want to attract the best and brightest early stage researchers to continue their career at Liverpool, so we have developed innovative schemes to provide opportunities for fellowships to increase long term job security.

Tenure track fellowship scheme

The Faculty’s tenure track fellowship scheme was designed to allow early career researchers to gain a foothold in academia by lifting the burden of teaching and administrative work. By allowing academics in junior posts to focus on their research, fellows will be better equipped to compete in the competitive external funding environment. Each subject-specific fellowship is a five year contract with a move to a permanent post after review in the third year.

Many of these fellowships are part-funded by the Wellcome Trust’s Institutional Strategic Support Fund, a pot of money designed to support research into biomedical sciences.

Read about Liverpool’s Tenure Track scheme in the Times Higher Education.

Career pathway for holders of external fellowships

The Faculty employs a number of non-clinical and clinical external fellowship holders of different levels of post-doctoral experience. Keen to retain these promising researchers, the Faculty has developed a career pathway scheme that will provide fellows with greater confidence in the trajectory of their career at Liverpool. We are also keen to recruit existing holders of fellowships to Liverpool to join this scheme.

Through the scheme, all non-clinical and clinical fellowship holders at an appropriate level will be considered for transfer to the Tenure-track Fellowship scheme, where they will be formally reviewed for a standard academic position within 3 years.

Beginning your career at Liverpool

If you are a researcher at the start of your academic career, the Faculty is keen to welcome you to Liverpool to provide you with the best support for your career development. If you are interested, further information on our areas of research is available on our institutes pages.

For specific questions regarding the Faculty’s support for Early Career Researchers and our fellowship pathways, please contact your Institute's Manager.