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Case Studies

In the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, our staff and students carry out lots of brilliant and inspiring public engagement, working with a diverse range of audiences in creative ways. You can read about just some of the many great examples of public engagement below, and find out their top tips for successful public engagement!

If you have been involved in some excellent public engagement and would like to feature in case study, we want to hear from you! Please contact for more information.


The National Institute for Health Research Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care North West Coast (NIHR CLAHRC NWC)works to decrease health inequalities and improve the health of the population of the North West Coast. They have an extensive public engagement programme and members of the public not only help shape the research but also have strategic oversight of the public engagement programme. Read more (PDF)

Image of Carrie Duckworth for Public Engagement Case Studies

Carrie Duckworth

Carrie is a lecturer within the Institute for Translational medicine, and organised a University visit for secondary school students which included lectures, practical activities and a campus tour. The aim of the visit was to inspire year 10 students to consider medical research as a potential direction for their future career. Read more (PDF)

Image of Guadalupe Gomez for Public Engagement Case Studies

Guadalupe Gomez-Baena

Guadalupe is a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Institute of Integrative Biology. Guadalupe has been involved in various public engagement activities, including organising a science club for a local primary school, which enabled students to perform science experiments, and build their critical thinking, teamworking, and problem solving skills. Read more (PDF)

Image of Hannah Davies for Public Engagement Case Studies

Hannah Davies

Hannah is a post-doctoral researcher in the Institute of Integrative Biology. Hannah ran an outreach project in collaboration with a local high school, Liverpool Life sciences UTC which aimed to give students hands-on experience of culturing cells and using them to test their own research hypotheses. Read more (PDF)

Image of Laura Bonnett for Public Engagement Case Studies

Laura Bonnett

Laura is a National Institute for Health Research Post-Doctoral Fellow within the Institute for Translational Medicine. Laura established the Statistics Ambassadors, a group of lecturers, post-docs, research assistants and PhD students who aim to inspire the next generation and convince them of the joy of statistics! They have taken part in various events including The Big Bang North West where they engaged with over 1200 school students. Read more (PDF)

Image of Pooja Saini for Public Engagement Case Studies

Pooja Saini

Pooja the Knowledge Exchange and Implementation Manager for NIHR CLAHRC NWC and has been involved in numerous public engagement projects including working with South Asian women who were not engaging or accessing traditional exercise centres to design a health intervention that met their cultural needs. Pooja is passionate about people being involved in making changes for themselves and their communities by having a voice. Read more (PDF)

Image of Raquel Medialdea Carrera for Public Engagement Case Study

Raquel Medialdea Carrera

Raquel is a PhD student in the Health Protection Research Unit in Emergent and Zoonotic Infections. Raquel’s experience of public engagement includes taking part in Meet the Scientists, running science workshops in Sierra Leone and organising Infectious Science in the Pub which saw researchers give inspiring and fascinating talks about their work to the public over a pint! Read more (PDF)

Image of Sara Ronzi for Public Engagement Case Studies

Sara Ronzi

Sara is a research associate in the Institute for Psychology Health and Society. Sara aimed to encourage dialogue between older people and city stakeholders around the planning for an Age Friendly City, so that the views of the older people could be incorporated in to this planning. As part of this, Sara worked with the community to create a photo exhibition entitled “What is important to me as an older person?” which went on display at the Museum of Liverpool. Read more (PDF)

Image of Sarah McGarrol for Public Engagement Case Studies

Sarah McGarrol

Sarah is a post-doctoral research associate within the NIHR funded Health Protection Research Unit in Gastrointestinal Infections. Together with Suzie Rotherham, Sarah created a series of fun, interactive activities for primary school children called ‘Let’s talk about poo and puke!” which explored how children talk about, describe and understand what gastrointestinal infections are, what might cause them, and where they might acquire them. Read more (PDF)