Our Institutes

World class education and research

The University of Liverpool has been at the forefront of Health & Life Sciences research for 130 years and continues to build on the impressive research knowledge, experience, resources and partnerships that have been amassed. The Faculty has over 1,850 staff, 5,000 undergraduates and 1,000 postgraduate students who, together with many alumni and partners, are helping to build the University’s reputation every day.

The Faculty has eight Institutes:

The Institutes enhance collaboration and foster interdisciplinary alliances, allow better integration of related research activities and increase the critical mass focusing on areas of research with high impact and those requiring cross-disciplinary arrangements. They also provide for greater devolution of decision making and budgetary control. A central element of this is a closer alignment between the academic structure and the Professional Services, ensuring the required levels of support and expertise are in place at the appropriate levels within the structure.