Innovation Across Boundaries

Start time: 10:00 / End time: 16:00 / Date: 20 Nov 2020 / Venue: This is a virtual event. Information related to the online platform and login details will be provided in due course

Open to: Students in host dept/school/institute/centre / Staff in host dept/school/institute/centre / Students from same Faculty as host dept/school/institute/centre / Staff from same Faculty as host dept/school/institute/centre / Students within this Faculty / Staff within this Faculty / Specific UOL Students (for details see 'Suitable For') / Specific UOL Staff (for details see 'Suitable For') / Students from other HEIs / Staff from other HEIs/research institutions / Any potential postgraduate students

Type: Workshop

Cost: There is no workshop fee.

Contact: For more information contact Joe Bardsley at


About the event

We are delighted to announce the first annual “Innovation across Boundaries”- Early Career Workshop of the University of Liverpool Management School.

This online event, taking place on 20 November 2020, serves as a platform for early career researchers (i.e. advanced PhD students, post-docs, and junior faculty) in the area of innovation management to advance their research, exchange ideas and connect with other experienced and emerging innovation scholars.

The workshop seeks to bring together scholars who explore issues pertaining to managing innovation across various boundaries. For example, we encourage proposals that seek to better understand innovation within and between organizations; innovation across geographical boundaries; or how specific forms of knowledge boundaries influence innovation (e.g. innovation in clusters, ecosystems, networks, generating knowledge across human-AI relationships). We are also interested to receive proposals that explore how different disciplines and sectors (e.g. universities, R&D institutes, industry, government and NGOs) are coming together to find rapid innovative solutions to bolster our fight against COVID-19. Finally, we encourage studies that expand the frontiers of innovation research by proposing new theoretical insights, applying novel methodological techniques and bridging multi-level and multi-actor perspectives.

Our workshop is specifically tailored to early career scholars who would like to develop their research ideas in a collaborative and collegial setting. The workshop is designed in a virtual round-table set-up, where attendees have the opportunity to discuss their research with peers under the guidance of experienced senior scholars engaging in innovation research globally. Senior scholars will provide you with developmental feedback on your work. We will also arrange panel discussions relating to ongoing developments in innovation studies as well as practical challenges of conducting innovation research under COVID-19.

Confirmed participants are:

Paola Criscuolo – Imperial College

Joris Knoben – Radboud University Nijmegen

Sarah Harvey - University College London

Wolfgang Sofka – Copenhagen Business School and University of Liverpool

Joep Cornelissen - Erasmus University Rotterdam and University of Liverpool

Dulshan DeSilva – AI entrepreneur

University of Liverpool convenor team:

Hammad Akbar

Nora Balogh

Dhruba Borah

Julia Brennecke

Paul Ellwood

Samuel Horner

Nick Papageorgiadis

Daniël Speldekamp

Aparna Venugopal

Please submit your proposal of 1500 words maximum by 31 October to, indicate your University affiliation and whether you are a PhD student, post-doc, or junior faculty.

Successful applicants will be notified via email by 06 November 2020.

There is no workshop fee. Information related to the online platform and login details will be provided in due course.

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