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Liverpool Centre of Cardiovascular Science Staff

Our team of experienced and multidiscipline clinicians, researchers and administrators aim to tackle the effect of cardiovascular disease in the Liverpool region and beyond.


Core Staff


Resized Greg Lip IMG

Professor Gregory Lip

Price-Evans Chair of
Cardiovascular Medicine
University of Liverpool

Diedre Lane Resized IMG

Dr Deirdre Lane

Reader in Cardiovascular

Paul Burdett

Paul Burdett

Project Manager

Keith Wilson

Keith Wilson

Patient Representative




Ian Jones

Professor of Cardiovascular Nursing & Associate Dean for Research 

Attilio Lotto

Professor in Congenital Cardiac Surgery

Martin Enrique O'Flaherty

Professor in Public Health and Policy 

Nefyn H Williams

Professor in Primary Care 

Keith George

Professor and Associate Dean for Research 

Joanne Blair

Professor in Endocrinology 

Iain Buchan

Professor in Public Health and Policy 

Helen Jones

Professor in Sports and Exercise Science 

Sarah Elizabeth Rodgers

Professor of Health Informatics 

Dick Thijssen

Professor in Cardiovascular Physiology and Exercise 

George Bou-Gharios

Professor of Matrix Biology 

Paulo Lisboa

Professor in Applied Mathmatics 





David Oxborough

Reader in Cardiovascular Physiology 

Yalin Zheng


Ingeborg Welters



Senior Lecturers/ Lecturers



Riaz Akhtar

Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Engineering 

Alistair Fielding

Senior Lecturer in Pharmacy and Biomolecular Science 

Eduard Shantsila

Senior Lecturer in Cardiovascular Science 

Robyn Lotto

Senior Lecturer in Nursing and Allied Health 

Takao Sakai

Senior Lecturer in Molecular and Clinical Pharmacology 

Benjamin Buckley

Lecturer in Physical Activity, Public Health & Cardiovascular Physiology 

Paula Watson

Senior Lecturer in Exercise and Health Physiology 

Peter Edward Penson

Senior Lecturer in Pharmacology and Pharmacy Practice 

Iain Dykes

Senior Lecturer in Molecular Biology 

Gabriela Czanner

Senior Lecturer in Statistics and Data Science 

Parveen Sharma

Lecturer in Molecular and Clinical Pharmacology

Jill Madine

Lecturer in Biology

Marco Proietti

Senior Visiting Fellow 

Tenure Track Fellows    
Alena Shantsila Tenure Track Fellow
Stephanie Harrison Tenure Track Fellow 
Laura Jayne Bonnett Tenure Track Fellow 
Masoud Isanejad Tenure Track Fellow 
Nordine Helassa British Heart Foundation Fellow/Tenure Track Fellow 

Postdoctoral Fellows



Nicola Tidbury

Postdoctoral Fellow

Hannah Davies

Postdoctoral Fellow 

Rehan Junejo

Postdoctoral Fellow

Monika Koziel

Postdoctoral Clinical Research Fellow 

Matthew Shaw

Postdoctoral Fellow 


Research Fellow



Jakup Gumprecht

Research Fellow

Magdealena Domek

Research Fellow

Liam Mullen

Research Fellow 

Wern Ding

Research Fellow / PhD Candidate 

Shuguang Qin

Honrary Research Fellow 

Marco Vitolo

Research Fellow 




PhD and Masters students



Gabriela Roberts

PhD student

Tariq Al Bahhawi

PhD Student 

Mark Pieroni

PhD Student 

Josh Preston

PhD Student 

Arron Peace

PhD Student 

Reem Alsharari

PhD Student 

Azhar Akhmimi

PhD Student 

Leona Ritchie

PhD Student 

Shaneel Patel

PhD Student 

Oluwakayode Oke

Masters Student 

Andrew Morrison

Research Associate 


Associate Members


Rodney Stables

Honorary Professor 

David Justin Wright

Honorary Senior Lecturer 

Asangaedem Akpan

Honorary Professor 

Dhiraj Gupta

Honorary Professor 

Mark field

Honorary Associate Professor 

Scott W Murray

Senior Clinical Lecturer 

Manuel Ari

Sleep and Ventilation Consultant 

Sonya Craig

Sleep and Ventilation consultant 

Bil Kirmani

Consultant Cardiac Surgeon 

Tim Fairbairn

Consultant Cardiologist (Imaging)

Saagar Mahida

Consultant Cardiologist