Research Priority Areas

Building on our combined world-leading expertise and track record we have identified four areas of immediate priority.

1. Epidemiology and big data

This research theme utilises ‘big data’ and observations from epidemiological and public health studies to underpin hypotheses and research questions. We will utilise established datasets from UK and with our existing collaborations and academic links with Denmark, Korea, Taiwan and Japan, we will be able to compare cardiovascular disease trends in different parts of the world.

2. Basic science, translational, applied physiology and sports sciences

This cross-cutting theme brings together colleagues in basic science with clinicians. This allows us to ask ‘bench to bedside’ and ‘bedside to bench’ research questions and initiate collaborations, allowing translational aspects of cardiovascular medicine to be fully realised. In addition, we have strengths in precision and personalised medicine, with insights from proteomics and genomics, as well as biomarker discovery. The latter would aid insights into pathophysiology, risk stratification and be possible surrogate markers of clinical outcomes when testing early interventions.

3. Treatments, patient centred approaches and cardiovascular nursing

This theme would investigate approaches to personalised treatments and patient pathways bridging primary and secondary care. Our focus is on patient-centred research, with qualitative approaches, as well as understanding patient values and preferences. Patient related outcome measures (PROMs) are another focus of our research in various disease areas.

We have developed patient education and counselling interventions to improve patient care, and these have been applicable to nursing and allied healthcare professionals.

4. Applied health research – prevention, primary care, public health, health economics and global health

We have focused on cardiovascular prevention and ‘upstream’ risks that may have impact on incident cardiovascular diseases. These have led to the development of impact modelling and public health initiatives, including addressing cardiovascular inequalities. Our interests have included health economics, modelling and outcomes research to investigate the impact on health services in UK and overseas.

We have various global health initiatives, including global health research projects into atrial fibrillation and other disorders, as well as clinical trials in cardiovascular disease.