Honorary Appointments

The Faculty of Health & Life Sciences are launching a formal process for the conferment of the titles on our clinical colleagues working as Consultants in our valued NHS partners.  The titles will be :

  •                 Honorary Lecturer
  •                 Honorary Senior Lecturer
  •                 Associate Professor
  •                 Honorary Professor


The award of these titles reflects the importance the Faculty places on our close relationship with the NHS Trusts in the Liverpool region and the significant contribution our NHS colleagues make to the teaching and research agendas of the University of Liverpool.

 Under the terms of their employment contract with your Trust, all consultants are expected to participate in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and to avail themselves of opportunities for clinical research.  In order to 1) support these efforts using the significant resources at the Faculty’s disposal and 2) harness the outputs for the benefit of the Faculty of Health and Life Science and our shared objective of improving patient care, at the point of appointment we would like to offer honorary academic status, appropriate to the nature and extent of their contribution, as either Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer or Honorary Lecturer.  Honorary appointees have the right to receive official University publications, avail of University Library privileges and to take part in such ceremonial and social functions as may be decided.

 We wish to make this process as efficient and streamlined as possible and in the first instance would suggest that this can be facilitated by the nomination of a University representative onto all appointment panels who can input into the job plan as appropriate.  Provided the criteria outlined in the attached document are met, you will be able to advertise all future Consultant posts as Honorary appointments at the University of Liverpool and avail of the University branding and marketing in recruitment processes.  Further details of the practical elements of the formal process are outlined in the attached appendix.

 In addition, and in recognition of the considerable engagement and support the Faculty receives from established NHS colleagues, in the coming months we would like to run a one-off grandfathering exercise whereby we issue titles at Honorary Clinical Lecturer or Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer, Associate Professor and Professor as deemed appropriate and following a similar formal process (see appendix).

 Finally, in the future we intend to offer honorary appointees the opportunity to apply for promotions through an annual promotion round, the details of which are also described in the documents.