Example crafted bacteria at bluedot festival

Meet the Scientists

Come and meet our researchers in a family friendly event, and learn about our world leading research.

From learning how we treat cancer, to finding out what healthy poo looks like! Join researchers from the University of Liverpool who are carrying out cutting edge work to positively impact the health and wellbeing of our city, our country and our planet.  A host of family-friendly activities will be on offer at World Museum, Liverpool; follow the trail map round our stations to win a prize! 

Next Dates

  • Saturday 18th June 2022 - Worlds of Wonder
  • Saturday 26th Nov 2022 - TBC 

Example of Previous Event

 March 2022 - Brilliant Bodies & Marvellous Minds 

  • Mosquitoes: A whistle stop tour Come along to learn more about mosquito life cycles, diseases they may carry and learn how to trap mosquitoes for yourself! 
  • Mysterious mammals and where to find them Find out about the mammals that live Britain and the signs they leave behind! We will show you how we use footprint tunnels and camera traps to monitor mammals. You can get crafty and design your own footprints or use our custom footprint stamps. We will also show you how you can set up footprint tunnels in your own outdoor space. 
  • Kids get them too! World Young Rheumatic Disease Day 2022! We will spread awareness that young people get rheumatic diseases too through a variety hand’s on, fun activities and experiments. 
  • Poo Station What is poo made of? What does healthy poo look like? Can we identify diseases from the smell of poo?! Come and learn all about gut microbes and how they can keep us healthy. 
  • Hypoxia Chamber of Secrets What is hypoxia and how does it affect cancer treatment? Come and blast your way through our giant inflatable intestine, and find out how our research is working to improve radiotherapy treatment. We will also have a keyhole surgery simulator where you can handle instruments and perform a timed task with a leaderboard to test your skillset! 
  • Marvellous Muscles: Standing still and biting hard  Bite strength varies wildly between animals, depending on what they eat. In this demonstration, you will squeeze a grip tester and compare your grip strength to the bite force of a variety of animals. Are your hands stronger than an alligator bite?  Most of us find it easy to stand and walk without falling. However, keeping balance becomes more difficult as we age and our muscles and vision lose some of their shine. In this demonstration, we will measure your stability while standing on a pressure plate. We will do this with your normal vision, and with a simulated vision impairment. How is your balance affected by a reduction in vision? 
  • Pulling muscles Discover how our amazing skeletal muscles keep us moving by pulling on our bones. Do you know how to make your muscles stronger? Ever wonder why you never see an old superhero? Find out what happens to our muscles as we get older! 
  • MicroAge: Sending muscles into space Build your very own version of the equipment used for the MicroAge project, launched on SpaceX-24 to the International Space Station!  
  • Inside Our Body – bones, muscles and organs Pin the organs on the body. Can you identify some of the organs of our body and locate them on the mannequins? Learn what these organs do for us, and why it’s important to keep them healthy. What is a bone? Assemble some limbs using a selection of model bones, with our friendly skeleton to help.


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