About us

A global centre for Health & Life Sciences

The Faculty of Health & Life Sciences at the University of Liverpool is one of UK's leading centres for health and life science research and education.

We are the only organisation of our kind to offer scientific and clinical education that spans the full range of biosciences, clinical medicine, health sciences, dentistry, veterinary science and tropical medicine. This positions us as one of the largest and most innovative educators in our field.

World class research

Our internationally renowned institutes provide the platforms for a vast array of experts to make an impact on today's health and life science challenges and thinking.

Through our partnerships with the NHS, industry and academia we also host and support numerous centres of excellence in fields ranging from drug safety and personalised medicine to zoonosis and dairy farming.

We are strongly committed to applying our research and have a proud record of improving the lives of people and animals around the world.


As a member of the elite Russell Group, the University of Liverpool attracts strong research funding and is investing heavily in health and life sciences. This is driving our constant expansion and development.

Our most important asset is people. Over 1850 staff, 5,000 undergraduates and 1,000 postgraduate students, together with our many alumni and partners, are helping to build our reputation every day.