The ceremony

All you need to know about your graduation ceremony

Time for attendance

It is very important that you are in your seat in the Philharmonic Hall 45 minutes before the ceremony is due to begin. This is to allow time for checks to be made and for any security arrangements to be followed.

Graduand seating

You should occupy the seat in the Philharmonic Hall that corresponds to the number on your admission ticket. Your ticket will be clearly marked and will indicate the Row and Seat in which you must sit e.g. ROW B, SEAT 23. Your seat in the Philharmonic Hall will be clearly marked and ushers will be on hand to direct you.

It is very important that you do not move from your allocated seat position even if there appears to be an empty seat next to you. Failure to occupy the correct seat may mean that you are recorded as 'absent' which may see you incorrectly admitted to your degree.

You will be required to use stairs when being admitted to your degree, so you should bear this in mind when choosing your footwear.  Please also note that some graduands will be sat on the stage throughout the ceremony which involves walking up and down steep stairs.  Arrangements will be made for those with special requirements.

The formal presentation

At the appropriate signal, you will be guided to the right-hand side of the stage in a continuous procession. You should give your name to the officer on the stage and then proceed to the white line, where you should wait until your name is announced by the Presenting Officer. On this announcement, you should move forward for admission to your degree and present your hand to the officer presiding over the ceremony. The Presiding Officer will shake your hand and congratulate you on your award.

After being admitted, you should continue to walk across the stage, collect your certificate, and then return to your seat as directed by the ushers. At the conclusion of the proceedings, you should wait for the signal before leaving the Philharmonic Hall. You should not move from your allocated seat before or after receiving your award.


It would be appreciated if guests respected others and did not move from their seats during the ceremony, even after their loved one has received their award.

Guests are permitted to use recording equipment in the Philharmonic Hall during the ceremony. However, we do ask that guests remain seated throughout and do all that is reasonably possible not to obstruct the view of fellow guests.

Photography and filming

Please be aware that this event will be photographed and/or filmed.

By attending this event you may be featured in official University photography/videography for use in marketing materials and publicity.

If you are the focus of a photograph you will be asked to sign a form.

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