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Frequently asked questions

See below for answers to questions we are often asked.

What is the difference between graduating in absentia and postponing my graduation ceremony?

To graduate in absentia is to elect to have your degree conferred upon you in your absence, at the ceremony you have been assigned to. Your name will appear in the commemorative ceremony programme for that ceremony and your certificate will be sent to the 'Permanent Address' that we hold for you. Your documents will be dispatched approximately six weeks after your ceremony.

To postpone is to elect to defer your graduation so that you can attend your ceremony in person in the next graduation period, normally approximately six months later. You will therefore not receive your certificate until you either attend a ceremony in person or choose to have your degree conferred upon you in your absence (in absentia) at the next scheduled graduation ceremony. You may only postpone your graduation on one occasion.

How long is each graduation ceremony?

Each ceremony can last between 90 minutes and two hours, depending on the numbers of graduands (and honorary graduands) being presented.

Where do I sit?

You should occupy the seat in the Philharmonic Hall that corresponds with the seat number on your admission ticket. Your ticket will be clearly marked 'GRADUAND' and will indicate the Row and Seat in which you must sit (e.g. ROW B, SEAT 23).  Your seat will also be clearly marked.  It is most important that you do not move from your allocated seat even if there appears to be an empty seat next to you. As we expect you to be sitting in your allocated seat, failure to do so will mean that you may be recorded as 'absent' which may result in you being incorrectly admitted to your degree.

Your guests (if you have any attending) will also have allocated seating, which will be clearly marked on their ticket of admission.

Can I have my official photographs taken before the ceremony?

Further information regarding photography may be found by clicking here.

Can I get more than two free guest tickets?

Each student graduating in person is guaranteed two free guest tickets, but a small number of extra guest tickets may be available before the ceremonies. The cost of these tickets and methods of purchase can be found hereHowever, please note that there is no guarantee that extra tickets will become available.  Any extra tickets that become available will be sold on a first come, first served basis.  We regret that we are unable to maintain a waiting list.

When will I get my certificate?

If you attend your graduation ceremony, your certificate will be handed to you as you cross the stage. If you elect to graduate in absentia in July 200, you will have your certificates posted to you in August 2020. Please note that documents dispatched overseas can take up to eight weeks to reach their destination. All documentation will be dispatched via standard delivery to the 'Permanent Address' that we hold for you.

What time should I arrive?

It is very important that you are in your seat 45 minutes before the ceremony is due to begin. This is to allow time for any checks to be made and for any security arrangements to be followed.

Can provision be made for students/guests with special requirements (wheelchair/mobility/special seating/sight/hearing difficulties)?

Yes. You will have the opportunity in the graduation portal to tell us if you or your guests have any special requirements that should be taken into account when allocating your tickets. If your circumstances change, please . We can only make suitable arrangements if we know in advance.

Can children attend the graduation ceremony?

Due to the acoustics of the Philharmonic Hall, disruptions by small children can be disturbing for members of the audience. For this reason, we ask that you do not book tickets in the auditorium for children under the age of 4.  A Family Room will be available in the Philharmonic Hall from which parents with young children can watch the ceremonies, but please note that all children must be accompanied by an adult.

What if I do not wish, for cultural reasons, to shake hands with the officer presiding over the ceremony?

This is perfectly acceptable of course but it would help us if you let us know your wishes before your ceremony by .  We will then be able to explain the process that we would like you to follow on the day.


FAQs for online students

Why am I unable to access the graduation portal using my student ID?

The graduation portal will not accept your Laureate student ID and will only accept your University of Liverpool student ID. You will be provided with your University of Liverpool student ID by email prior to you registering your intentions on the portal. Please contact us if you have not been told what your University of Liverpool student ID number is.

Will it state on my certificate that my programme was an online degree?

No.  At the bottom of your certificate it will state the following:

'Details of the programme of study completed for the award of this degree are available on the Higher Education Achievement Report'

Your Higher Education Achievement Report will then state the following:

'Field(s) of Study: The holder of this Achievement Record was registered as a part-time student of the University of Liverpool on a programme of postgraduate study by online learning run in collaboration with Laureate Online Education and leading to the University of Liverpool award indicated.'

Where do I stay in Liverpool?

Information regarding accommodation in Liverpool may be found on the Official Tourism Website for the Liverpool City Region.

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