Personal Success Board

Committee description

Secretary: Michelle Keeley-Adamson, Email:


The Personal Success strand of the Student Success Strategy addresses our institutional aim to ensure that ‘all students experience a welcoming and supportive environment which prioritises well-being and belonging’. Working in partnership with the Academic Success and Future Success Boards to oversee delivery of the strategy, the Personal Success Board exists to govern the Personal Success strand, by monitoring progress against key targets, evaluating the success of projects and interventions, and maximising the cumulative impact on key performance measures through university, school and departmental activity. It also will enable the identification of best practice, opportunities and gaps, and support the coordination of activity across Faculties, Schools, and Departments and university-wide services.


Terms of reference

a) To enhance the University of Liverpool’s capacity for enabling student personal success through the scrutiny and monitoring of data, the development of key performance indicators, the evaluation of programmes and targeted work at all levels of the university to support personal success.

b) To promote the concept of Personal Success across the University, the definition of which is that all students experience a welcoming and supportive environment which prioritises well-being and belonging.

c) To commission new project work and activity to further our goals and to contribute, filter and process intelligence in order to support the dissemination of best practice on student personal success.

d) To identify a set of key performance indicators, both internally and externally regulated, as a means of measuring progress on personal success, with particular regard to the success of priority student groups, such as Black and Minority Ethnic, international, disabled, commuting students, and so on.

e) To receive data relating to student engagement with key areas of support and advice including peer support, and engagement with university and school-based services, and evaluate the impact of this engagement.

f) To receive data and insight from the Guild, Faculties, Schools, and Department, to build a collective understanding of the barriers to student success and what actions could be taken at an institutional level.

g) To support the development of an institutional approach to student engagement for priority student groups, including those identified within the APP.

h) To establish Task and Finish Groups as required to develop, deliver and evaluate specific interventions.

i) Receive reports from Liverpool Guild on the work they carry out to support personal success including; society membership, course rep training, and engagement with events.

j) Develop and evaluate progress against measures of student wellbeing at both institutional level and with regard to penetration into Faculties, Schools, and Departments.

k) To steer future business plans for university level developments and services such as KnowHow, the Student Success team.

l) To receive reports from university committees and working groups in relation to specific activities impacting on personal success measures to ensure a coordinated and coherent institutional approach.

m) In the context of Curriculum 2021 to support inclusive approaches to design and delivery of learning, teaching, and assessment, providing the best outcomes and experience for all students.

n) To make recommendations to Education Committee on the future priorities for the university’s Education strategy.

o) To receive an annual report to govern and oversee student support services and student mental health provision, reporting progress to the Health and Safety Governance Committee.

p) To receive an annual report from each Faculty on the student support services

Reporting Relationships

Report to:

  • Education Committee (formally)
  • Health and Safety Governance Committee (formally – annually with regards to Student Services and student mental health) 
  • Education Advisory Group (informally)

Receive Relevant Reports from:

  • Guild Liaison Sub-Committee
  • Student Experience and Enhancement (including Student Services, Student Success, Sports, Residences)
  • Improving the Mental Health and Wellbeing Task & Finish Group
  • EHRC Response Working Group
  • KnowHow operational group
  • Student Intake Strategy Group
  • Learner and Learning Data project board
  • Liverpool Military Education Committee

Frequency of Meetings

The Personal Success Board will meet quarterly.


The quorum for meetings of the PSB shall be one quarter of the membership.

Members or key people

Director of SEE (chair)

Paul Redmond

Head of Sustainability, Policy and Civic Engagement (SPACE


Student Success Framework Project Officer

Ellie Roberts-Vick

Dir Student Administration and Support

Paula Harrison

Dir, Libraries Museums and Galleries

Matt Greenhall

 APVC Education (ASB Chair)

 Lisa Anderson

Ass Director, Student Recruitment, Admissions & WP

John Corish

Diversity and Equality Officer

Holly Nicholls (Interim)

X2 Guild Officers

Ellie Hatch

Kathryn Manley


Student Success Manager

Joanne Poole

Head of Student Services

Julia Purvis

Director of Marketing

Alison Kerwin

Head of Accommodation

Samantha Pope

Liverpool Doctoral College

Steve Bickerstaff

Sport Liverpool

Andy Craig

Student Mental Health Research Link

Rhiannon Corcoran

Strategic Director – Liverpool Online

Lynn Evans


Faculty representatives

S&E (FSB Chair)




Liz Sheffield (or nominee)

Fiona Watson/ Francine Watkins

Gail Howes

6 School/department representatives:



Communication & Media

Peter Goddard



Helen Scott


Health Sciences

Rebecca Rylance


Life Sciences

Dr Gemma Wattret



Gita Sedghi



Joel Haddley


In Attendance

Strategic Change – Senior Programme Manager

Dominic Ventre


Shirley Yearwood-Jackman

Meeting dates

  • 4 October 2022, 10.00 am
  • 22 February 2023, 10.00 am
  • 26 May 2023, 10.00 am
  • 7 July 2023, 10.00 am

A full schedule of Committee meeting dates can be viewed here.