International Board

Committee description

Terms of Reference

a) To advise the Vice-Chancellor on the development and implementation of the University’s internationalisation strategy.

b) To review recommendations and feasibility studies for transnational opportunities and major projects in existing or new territories.

c) To oversee the business planning and implementation of agreed projects.

d) To maintain an overview of the University’s international partnerships and relationships, in agreed countries/region, including Liverpool Online and XJTLU.

Relationship to the Formal Governance Structure

When projects reach a suitable stage of development, they will be referred to the relevant Committee (Education Committee; Planning and Resources Committee etc.)

Frequency of Meetings

The International Board usually meets on four occasions during the academic year.


The quorum for meetings of the International Board shall be one half of the membership.

Members or key people

The Vice-Chancellor (Chair) Professor Dame Janet Beer 
The Pro-Vice-Chancellors and Executive Pro-Vice-Chancellors

Professor F Beveridge


Professor D Birch 


Professor G Brown


Professor A Hollander


Professor L Kenny


Professor W Van Der Hoek

The Director of Research, Partnerships and Innovation

Ms S Jackson

Director, Student Recruitment, Admissions & Widening Participation

Mr I Roberts

The Head of International Development (Secretary) Ms C Bateman
Director, External Relations, Marketing & Communications Mr T Seamans
Associate Director Student Recruitment, Relations and Study Abroad Mr D Stephenson