Assessment Appeals Committee

Committee description

Secretary: Mrs Sheila Jones, Email:

Terms of Reference

To conduct hearings of appeals submitted on valid grounds by individual students against decisions of Boards of Examiners and, if appropriate, to make recommendations to Boards of Examiners.

The Assessment Appeals Committee is responsible to the Senate Committee for the Award of Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates.


The quorum for meetings of the Assessment Appeals Committee shall be four members.

Members or key people

The Assessment Appeals Committee shall consist of three members drawn from a panel of twelve full-time members of the academic staff of the University appointed by the Senate. One member will be nominated as Chair.

Dr K Bennett (2013-16)
Ms J Bridson  (2014-17)
Dr T Bullough (2013-16)
Professor S Chapman (2013-16)
Ms L Crolley (2013-16)
Professor S Dawson (2013-16)
Dr M Fisher (2013-16)
Professor R-D Herzberg (2013-16)
Dr U Hustadt  (2013-16)
Ms S Kidd (2013-16)
Dr C Moxham (2015-18)
Dr M Rowe (2013-16)

Each panel will also include a student representative chosen from the Student Representative Officers of the Guild of Students.