Academic Success Board

Committee description

Secretary: Michelle Keeley-Adamson, Email:


The Academic Success strand of the Student Success Framework addresses our institutional aim to ensure that ‘all students have the opportunity and support to achieve their full academic potential’. Working in partnership with the Personal Success and Future Success Boards to oversee delivery of the framework, the Academic Success Board exists to govern the Academic Success strand, by monitoring progress against key targets, evaluating success of projects and interventions, and maximising the cumulative impact on key performance measures through University, School and Departmental activity. It also will enable the identification of best practice, opportunities and gaps, and support the coordination of activity across Faculties, Schools, and Departments and University-wide services.

Terms of reference for Academic Success Board

a) To enhance the University of Liverpool’s capacity for enabling student academic success through the scrutiny and monitoring of data, the development of key performance indicators, the evaluation of programmes and targeted work at all levels of the University to support academic success

b) To identify a set of Key Performance Indicators, both internally and externally regulated, such as the Access and Participation Plan (APP), in the form of a dashboard, as a means of measuring progress on academic success.

c) To monitor progress at institutional and local (school/department) levels with regard to student continuation, attainment and student satisfaction relating to their academic experience.

d) To receive reports from data dashboards and identify best practice and areas for intervention at Faculty, Department, and School Level.

e) To ensure that appropriate responses, actions and interventions are in place to address areas of priority with respect to student continuation, attainment and satisfaction, and to identify specific activities to be supported at Institution, Faculty, School, or Department Level.

f) To monitor, evaluate, and steer actions and interventions at all levels of the University to build an institutional understanding of the measures which support student academic success.

g) To advise on the development of data reporting to support the analysis of student academic success measures.

h) To establish Task and Finish Groups as required to develop, deliver and evaluate specific interventions.

i) To commission new project work and activity to further our goals.

j) Contribute, filter and process intelligence in order to support the dissemination of best practice on student academic success.

k) To receive reports from University committees and working groups in relation to specific activities impacting on academic success measures to ensure a coordinated and coherent institutional approach.

l) In the context of Curriculum 2021 to support inclusive approaches to design and delivery of learning, teaching, and assessment approaches, providing the best outcomes and experience for all students.

m) To make recommendations to Education Committee on the future priorities for the university’s Education strategy.


Reporting Relationships

Report to:

  • Education Committee (formally)
  • Education Advisory Group (Informally)

Receive Relevant Reports from:

  • Canvas at Liverpool Implementation Group
  • KnowHow operational group
  • Student Intake Strategy group
  • Learner and Learning Data (DIP) project group

Frequency of Meetings

The Academic Success Board will meet quarterly.


The quorum for meetings of the ASB shall be one quarter of the membership. 

Members or key people


Associate Pro—Vice Chancellor for Education (Chair)

 Lisa Anderson

Head of Sustainability, Policy and Civic Engagement (SPACE)


Student Success Framework Project Officer

Ellie Roberts-Vick

Director of SEE (PSB Chair)

Paul Redmond

Associate Pro—Vice Chancellor for Education, Faculty of Science and Engineering (FSB Chair)

Liz Sheffield

Director, Student Recruitment, Admissions & WP

Ian Roberts

Director Libraries, Museums & Galleries

Matt Greenhall

Education Lead, Libraries, /KnowHow

 Lisa Hawksworth

Director of Academic Quality and Standards

Trish Barker

Director of IT Services

Dan Lawrence (or nominee)

Head of Data Science


Dir CIE           

Ceridwen Coulby

Diversity and Equality Officer

Darren Mooney

Guild Officer (x2)

Vasiliki Samuels (Guild President)


 Lina Dubbins


Faculty representatives

S&E (FSB Chair)







Liz Sheffield (or deputy)


/  Francine Watkins (or deputy)



 Emma Curtin

6 School/department representatives:



Law     (SSPC)

Lynn Hancock (or deputy)



Liz Crolley (or deputy)



Louise Almond


School of Medicine

Dr Fiona Watson



Andy Davies


Computer Science

Martin Gairing


In Attendance


Senior Programme Manager (Strategic Change)

 Dominic Ventre

Business Intelligence Manager

Caroline Wathen



 Shirley Yearwood-Jackman

Meeting dates

  • 3 October 2022, 10.00 am
  • 13 February 2023, 10.00 am
  • 25 May 2023, 10.00 am
  • 5 July 2023, 10.00 am