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Participating in the Study Abroad +English programme gives you the opportunity to study English language in our English Language Centre (ELC) during the summer prior to the start of your study abroad semester or year. Your summer English language studies will be with our Pre-Sessional English course. 

During this course, you will be grouped with students studying the same subject as you, or a subject from the same family of disciplines; humanities, science or management. You can expect small classes, usually of 8-14 students. There will be a maximum of 16 students in a class and your tutors will guide you through lessons and tutorials, and allocate directed self-study for after class and at weekends. 

The content of your lessons will reflect the real-life, authentic tasks and skills that you will need on your academic programme. Your course is divided into lessons focusing on the Research Project, Lecture & Seminar Discussing Skills based on recorded or live lectures and Academic Presentations.You will have access to regular individual tutorials with your tutors, who will be available to you to discuss your academic progress and any difficulties that may arise. 

Once you’ve successfully completed the Pre-Sessional English language course, you’ll progress to a semester or full academic year abroad along with all of our inbound study abroad students. You can learn more about the academics of your semester or year abroad here.