Department contacts

Every department has a Global Opportunities Academic Advisor (GOAA) who can advise you about the academic side of Study Abroad. Students who have been accepted on to Study Abroad must discuss their module choices with their IOAA. You can see the GOAA for your subject area(s) below (note that students of Combined Honours, Joint Honours or Major/Minor programmes must get approval from the GOAAs for both subject areas).

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Department AdvisorTelephone
(+44 151)
Archaeology, Classics and Egyptology Dr Magnus Widell  
Architecture Dr Junjie Xi 7945 7812
Chinese Lei Peng  
Communication & Media Dr Christopher McMahon 795 1154

Dr Annarita Magliacane

Film Studies Dr Samar Abdel-Rahman 794 3816
French Dr Emeline Morin  
German Dr Ulrike Bavendiek 794 2406
Hispanic Studies Dr Manuel Moreno 794 2767
History Harold Braun


Irish Studies Dr Eleanor Lybeck 794 3861 
Italian Dr Rosalba Biasini  
Latin American Studies Mr Nelson Becerra-Gonzalez 794 2775
Law Ms Hannah Lewis  795 7856
Management School ULMS Study Abroad 795 8378

Dr Eduardo Coutinho

795 8558
Philosophy Dr Robert McKenna 794 2308
Politics Dr Chelsea Johnson  
Portuguese Miss Ana Reimao 794 2777
Spanish Manuel Moreno  
Sociology/Criminology Ms Hannah Lewis  795 7856

Faculty of Science and Engineering

Department AdvisorTelephone
(+44 151)
Chemistry Dr Alexander Steiner 794 3372
Combined Honours (BSc) Dr Kathy Johnson 795 0674
Computer Science Dr Floriana Grasso 795 4240
Environmental Sciences Dr Rachel Jeffreys

795 4649

Electrical Engineering Dr Lin Jiang

794 4509

Engineering Prof Oliver Cadot 794 7276
Geography Dr Paul Williamson   794 2842
Mathematics Dr Radhakrishnan Nair  794 5177
Physics Dr Uta Klein

794 3357


Dr Yuan Shi

794 3123

Faculty of Health and Life Sciences

Department AdvisorTelephone
(+44 151)
Life Sciences (All programmes) Dr Kate Hammond 795 4503
Health Sciences Amanda Deaves 794 5743

Dr Susan Giles

794 1427

Veterinary Science Dr P J Noble 795 6205
Medicine & Denistry Dr Dominic Johnson