Choosing to Study Abroad in Liverpool

Posted on: 25 May 2018 by Saahir Kapasi in 2017/18

Saahir Kapasi and friend

Saahir came from the University of Toronto to study at the University of Liverpool for a semester. Here he tells us why he is glad he took the leap to study abroad!

 know travelling alone to a new country or even a city may seem daunting from back home. The amount of planning required may seem a lot to handle, or the amount of work that needs to be put in to find all the required courses - I know a lot of people who have passed upon the opportunity due to these reasons. They decided to stick to the status quo which may seem like a good choice to them. But I think they’re missing out. Honestly, this is the first time I have lived away from home; and it’s in another country. It’s only been two weeks and I’m loving it! The overall experience of doing everything yourself has really made me grow as a person. The feeling of accomplishment that I did it, I’m here! has proven very rewarding.

When we go places, we’re exposed to new things; cultures, foods, buildings, weather and sights. The freedom to travel around and see and experience new things that you would never get to back home is fantastic. You may think that all of this is the best part about travelling and doing an exchange semester abroad, but the people I have met in only the first two weeks are some of the most out-going, and brilliant people I have met. The locals of Liverpool are some of the nicest people and I’m from Canada! (sorry about that) They always ask me, “you alright?” which seemed absurd to me, but it just translates to “are you okay?” If I ever ask for directions, some people just walk with me for 5 min to show me to my destination. The other exchange students I have met are also all go-getters.

Saahir and friends in Chester

A quick story to demonstrate the diversity we have here in Liverpool… It was one of my friend’s birthday, so he decided to host a party, there were people from Liverpool, London, Canada, USA, Sweden, New Zealand, Italy, France, Denmark, China and a lot more places. So, we all decided to sing him happy birthday. We all went around in a circle singing happy birthday in our home languages or slang and it was truly an amazing experience to have. It shows just how diverse our little world can be. The best thing is that I met all these people in Liverpool.

The schooling aspect is great too; the ability to learn from a different perspective is great because I get to see the British side of things and not only the North American. Another benefit of an exchange semester is that you could always travel and visit a country at any time but its hard to say you have lived and studied in one for 4-5 months.

So, to sum it up, go on exchange, get a fresh outlook on life, try new things, and put in the work – it’s totally worth it.