My semester at Carleton

Posted on: 18 April 2017 by Helena Scutt in 2016/17

For my Study Abroad experience I went to Carleton University which is in the capital of Canada, Ottawa.

I loved Carleton University because of the beautiful campus, the lecturers who were so nice and helpful, and the courses they taught, they were engaging and interesting. The style of teaching although different was really fun and I did actually come to prefer it, I even enjoyed the style of assessment even though it meant that I had to constantly be on top of the work through-out the term.

There is a different culture when it comes to sports in North America and you can definitely get swept up into it, I went to several Ice Hockey and American Football games but there is something for everyone.

Think of a society and it’s at Carleton, they have a Welcome Fair as well and the amount of societies that are there is astonishing, I joined a Spanish society and took Salsa lessons, I also joined a book club.

Ottawa was a beautiful and exciting city in Ontario and is right on the border with Quebec. This means it had a lot of French influences, such as poutine and beavertails, which are the best kinds of food!

There was always something to do whether it was the light show at Parliament Hill, to yoga on Parliament Hill, to skiing in winter, or a folk festival- with bands such as Monsters and Men and Passenger playing at them, you are always spoilt for choice.

The same goes for the rest of Canada, I didn’t know what I wanted to go and see as there was so much to see. From Toronto and Niagara Falls to Quebec City as well as all the national parks, it truly was an incredible experience.

Studying Abroad really added to my degree as it has allowed me to do something I have wanted to do since high school: be completely independent and live in a different culture.

Studying abroad is the only thing that you can do that will allow this, as you are still involved in ‘student culture’ just in a different country, and therefore you can immerse yourself completely in this culture.

‌You learn so much about yourself and it is a great way to break up your degree and to add something completely different to your CV. It has made me much more confident, in life but also in myself, whilst helping me become more adaptable and helped me manage my time better.

My favorite part of my exchange was the friends I made, as you make friends you would never otherwise meet and you form such intense bonds in those 4 or 5 months as it is such an intense experience, everything you do it heightened, your emotions your experiences so it only follows that your friendships would be too.

Travelling with all of them was the best thing and just being able to experience everything with them made everything so memorable.

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