Study Abroad Experience: Bethany Duncan

Posted on: 25 January 2017 by Bethany Duncan in 2016/17

Bethany Duncan outside a hobbit house in New Zealand

My semester abroad was at Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand - a place I had only heard of because of Lord of the Rings! I was extremely daunted by the prospect of moving to a country so far away, but knew that I had to take the chance while I could.

Within the first week I had made a group of friends that I spent most of my time with. The university made it very easy to meet new people as they held social events to ensure all the exchange students were integrated as much as possible.‌

The halls I was staying in also had meeting events which really helped. I was surprised at how quickly I had relaxed into a new way of life and study.

Image of Wellington taken by a Study Abroad studentAt University, the Psychology modules I did were approached very differently than how they are in Liverpool. We had a lot more contact time, multiple lectures a week for the same module and a seminar for each module.

The work load was the biggest difference but it has helped me significantly with my studies back in Liverpool, as I am used to having to do work every day now.

Apart from studying, I pushed myself to travel as much as I could. I was in a whole new area of the world and I wanted to see as much as I could while I was there.

Image of road in New Zealand - taken by Study Abroad student on a road trip Travelling to new countries and going on road trips with my friends are experiences and memories that I will remember for a long time and were definitely the highlight of my entire Study Abroad experience.‌‌‌

‌Study Abroad had a tremendous impact on me as a person as well as my academic studies.

I gained a large amount of abilities, such as independence, working with new people and problem-solving skills which are extremely useful throughout life. 

I also had the opportunity to study modules that are not available to me here in Liverpool, which distinguishes me from the rest of the people on my course who have all done the same modules.

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