Child in hospital

Institute in the Park

Fighting childhood diseases

Together, the University of Liverpool and Alder Hey Children’s Hospital are fighting childhood diseases.

Together, we secured £16.5 million to build Institute in the Park, our world class research and laboratory facility at Alder Hey. Launched in 2015, Institute in the Park is already recognised as a global leader in child health. We do research that no other centre does.

We support all child health research across the country, specialising in three of the most devastating childhood diseases – asthma and respiratory infection, juvenile lupus and leukaemia.

We urgently need new laboratory equipment to support our lifechanging research. Currently, we rely on older equipment that is not the best or most advanced available. Better equipment means better research and better outcomes for children.

We need your support to buy new laboratory equipment.

You can join the fight against childhood diseases by supporting us.