James Moruzzi Engineering Enterprise Award

The James Moruzzi Engineering Enterprise Award

Current students and recent graduates are invited to apply for a new award of up to £5,000 to support them in their pursuit of developing innovative engineering solutions with potential to create new products. The award recipient will need to demonstrate a passion for their project, will receive support and mentoring throughout, and will benefit from using state-of-the-art facilities in Sensor City.


Open to UK and EU students registered at either the University of Liverpool or Liverpool John Moores University or who have recently graduated in the last three months.

The recipient of the award will need to demonstrate a passion for their project and have a clear idea of how they wish to develop it. The vision of what the project could achieve if its full potential is realised must be clear as well as the potential market for which it is intended. Ideally, the project should aim to develop a demonstration unit (i.e. prototype) that can be used to attract further investment. It is expected that normally such prototypes will have digital technology embedded and have a sensing application.

The recipient will also need to demonstrate that they are able to give the time and effort needed to achieve the required prototype/demonstration unit or the agreed equivalent as a deliverable of the project. Good project planning, a disciplined approach and resilience are required to undertake the project. Furthermore, a ‘can do’ attitude is a must and a strong motivation to seek further funding to take the project further beyond this stage is essential.

To assist the recipient in developing their idea, access to resources in Sensor City will be made available. This could include use of space to undertake the project, access to the prototyping facilities in laboratory, equipment for testing, a mentor from one of the universities or business, knowledge input from an academic, technical expertise, providing links to relevant industries and business, and guidance with setting up company and grant applications.

Other considerations

The project will be undertaken in Sensor City to enable the recipient to take advantage of the facilities and also to provide opportunities to talk to other start-up companies and established SMEs, and to develop a network of potential investors and collaborators.

The award may be shared between two recipients working as a team developing the project.

The application process

Candidates will be invited to submit an Expression of Interest (EoI) which will be used to select those who will be invited to submit an outline project plan.

Potential applicants will need to subject a two page outline project plan containing the following information:

  • Who is to undertake the project?
  • What is the aim of the project?
  • What is the main output from the project?
  • What are the deliverables?
  • What are the milestones with timescale?
  • What is the approach to the project?
  • What is the duration and expected cost?

Successful applicants will be asked to submit a more detailed project plan for approval. This will be supported by an appointed mentor.

The funding will be distributed against deliverables. The first tranche will be released on receipt and evaluation of a project plan. With further sums released on delivery of agreed milestones.

A mentor will be continue to support the project and provide advice and guidance to the successful applicants.

Monitoring will be via monthly progress reports.

The amount available is up to £5,000 to support a project lasting no more than six months. Subject to the financial details in the approved business plan, this financial support may be used to provide a stipend to support living costs incurred in undertaking the project and the purchase of components.

It is required that recipients acknowledge receipt of funding in any publicity generated from the project and support the promotion of the funders in publicity.


  • Advertise the award in the second semester
  • Closing date four weeks later for Expression of Interest
  • Submit two page project plan two weeks later
  • Candidates informed of the decision two weeks later


Professor James Lodovico Moruzzi taught and conducted research at the University of Liverpool and then at LJMU and, in between, set up James Moruzzia very successful electronics company. Lecturer, mentor, innovator, inventor, he loved a technical challenge.

Where there were problems he devised and built solutions in collaboration with others. His energy and entrepreneurial skills led to him building bridges between academia and the world of industrial engineering.

Many of the products he designed and developed in collaboration with others are still in use in engineering companies throughout the world.


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