Planning, Environmental Assessment and Management
  • Addressing the global challenge to make our cities more sustainable and resilient
  • Enhancing global best practice with regards to environmental assessment & management
  • Understanding and enhancing human relationships with the sea 

The first Planning School in the world, established in 1909, Planning (Civic Design) research at the University of Liverpool has continued to innovate and excel. Our three research centres provide focuses for our work around Sustainable and Resilient Cities (SaRC), Environmental Assessment & Management (EAM) and the Sea & Society strand of work within the Liverpool Institute for Sustainable Coasts & Oceans (LISCO).

The work we do is strongly linked to professional practice, with policy makers and others collaborating on many of our projects and making use of our findings in the UK and around the world. Our research themes include: 

  • The growth and development of urban areas in more sustainable ways
  • Strategic environmental assessment (SEA),  environmental impact assessment (EIA), health in impact assessment (IA), sustainability appraisal (SA)
  • Facilitating public engagement in marine and coastal affairs
  • Integration of public, private and voluntary sectors in planning with and for our cities
  • International and cross-boundary learning
  • The changing scales of planning and governance, from bottom-up and top-down perspectives
  • Implementation and delivery of change
  • Green Infrastructure
  • The rural-urban interface