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Centre for Sustainable and Resilient Cities

There is a global challenge to make our cities more sustainable and resilient, in the face of climate change, resource depletion, population growth, urbanisation and migration. To develop solutions to these issues, two things are essential – firstly, that academics from different disciplines cooperate to think outside the ‘disciplinary silos’ that often constrain us; and secondly, we have to work with partners from other sectors. We have set up the Centre for Sustainable and Resilient Cities (SaRC) to build on existing research strengths and capitalise on the opportunities available to develop Liverpool as a world leading exemplar from which best practice, theory and governance in Sustainable and Resilient Cities can be disseminated 

SaRC aims to: bring together new configurations of researchers; by focus on cities and city regions, whether locally, nationally or internationally; search for ways ways to implement changes to how those cities function to make them more sustainable and resilient; and use our best science and social science expertise to meet the future challenges to cities from climate change and resource depletion.