Geography MPhil/PhD



Geography is one of the four subject disciplines within the School of Environmental Sciences at Liverpool and offers excellent postgradaute taught and research programmes.

Subject Overview

Research training and education

We aim to produce researchers with strong, transferrable research skills, who are internationally recognised in their fields and understand current environmental and academic research problems.

You’ll develop your research skills primarily by completing a project under supervision. The skills you’ll gain will typically include:-

  • data collection
  • manipulation of the data
  • data interpretation and modelling
  • critical analysis
  • literature surveys
  • presentation skills, through international conferences

Self-learning comes first

 On our postgraduate research programmes you’ll be responsible for your own learning, but within a highly supportive training framework.

 Co-ordinated by the University Graduate School, this framework includes:-

  1. Supervision by named research staff members who are experts in their fields.
  2. Membership and interaction with the groups within our four research clusters.
  3. Independent monitoring of your progress.
  4. Comprehensive postgraduate training.
  5. A vigorous School research environment.
  6. Opportunities to present work within and outside the School.

If you are interested in advertised PGR topics, or are interested in joining our PGR community please contact the relevant PGR contact:

Earth’s Interior Dynamics: Dr Dan Faulkner (

People, Space, place: Dr. Olivier Sykes (

Earth’s Changing Environment: Dr David Hodgson (

Oceans and Ecosystems: Dr. Fabienne Marret-Davies (

Subject Outline

Please note, the Major Codes for science based geography applications are ESLP (for PhD) and ESLM (for MPhil).  The Major Codes for social/human based geography applications are ESDP (for PhD) and ESDM (for MPhil).

Key Facts

Student body
We have over 90 PGR students

Small class sizes
You’ll be well supported as you make the transition from undergraduate to postgraduate study.

Why Geography?

We’ve exceptional academic staff with expertise in a range of areas:

Geographies of Population and the Lifecourse Globalisation, Development and Place Advanced Environmental Analytical Techniques The study of Environmental and Climate Change