Project Team

Each member of the project team is associated with one or more themes with two workpackages (WPs): 

WP1: Population grid generation

WP2: Analysis of population change and geographic inequalities using the grid resource 

Chris Lloyd - Principal investigator; lead WP1 and overseeing analyses of change in deprivation and geographic inequalities (WP2) 

Gemma Catney - Co-investigator; overseeing analyses of change by ethnicity and country of birth (WP2) 

Alex Singleton - Co-investigator; overseeing development of web resource (WP1) and geodemographics classifications (WP2) 

Paul Williamson - Co-investigator; providing guidance on the comparability of variables (WP1) and analyses of geographic inequalities (WP2) 

Richard Prothero - Office for National Statistics project team member 

Nick Bearman - Postdoctoral Research Associate (until April 2016); web resource developer (April 2016 – July 2016) 

Emily Dearden - PhD student (ESRC NWDTC funded) working on a project which makes use of the gridded data to explore associations between health status and deprivation