Framing the Future

The teaching and research of planning at the University of Liverpool has always been driven by innovation – from our origins as the world’s first planning school in 1909, to the launch of the first marine planning course to be accredited by the Royal Town Planning Institute in 2013.

This innovation continues today in the areas you might expect our teaching and research and in a field that is perhaps less well known: ‘Knowledge Exchange’. Knowledge Exchange, sometimes called Outreach, is a way of describing the work of mutual learning and support we undertake with communities and practitioners. Again, we have a strong history of this type of work,with one of our Lever Professors, the esteemed Sir Patrick Abercrombie, being responsible for the world-famous Greater London Plan of 1944. As you will see, our staff and students today continue tomake valuable contributions to practical planning activities in many ways, and at many scales, in Liverpool and around the world.

Working with others is leading our approach. In our teaching this includes embedding client-based projects and opportunities for practice placements in our undergraduate and postgraduate studies and the development of new international educational partnerships. In our research we are increasingly engaged in multidisciplinary projects that bring together academics and external stakeholders from wide-ranging backgrounds. We are also active participants in local, regional, national and international partnerships and play a lead role in many arenas.