Science Jamboree Project

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science jamboree
Science Jamboree Project

In November, students from across the University deliver science related sessions for 300 Beavers, Cubs and Brownies from Merseyside and Cheshire. These sessions allow the young visitors to gain their science-related activity badges. Involvement in project allows undergraduates to flex their imagination, develop their self-management and communication skills and gain an entry into their Higher Education Achievement Record (HEAR).

What do student volunteers do?

"Loved planning then seeing outcome, was enjoyable." (Y3 student volunteer)

Most students will form teams that take responsibility for one 45 minute session which is delivered six times at the Jamboree. The teams project manage the design of a safe session that meets a strict brief for young people. The team must create an activity plan, risk assessment, leaflet for leaders to use in their sections, organise equipment, control a budget and of course deliver the session.

The students have the opportunity to work with a staff mentor which widens their network across the university. They will have access to an exclusive VITAL module and receive safeguarding training before working with the young visitors.

What’s in it for student volunteers?

“Improved time management skills by having more important reason to finish on time” (Y2 student volunteer)

Involvement in the project is suitable for inclusion on a student’s Higher Education Achievement Record. More importantly student volunteers have told us that the project has developed communication skills, confidence, self-management and their energy and enthusiasm.

“…was extremely beneficial for someone wanting to enter a career in teaching” (Y3 student volunteer)

By volunteering, students can get experience that they wouldn’t ordinarily get on their degree which helps them make informed career choices.

Finally, every volunteer gets a Science Jamboree badge for their bag, lab coat, badge blanket or whatever!

How can I be involved?

“Fantastic Day, worth getting up early for. Everyone involved were incredibly friendly and helpful. Would be interested in taking part again if run next year.”  (Y2 student volunteer)

Attend one of our introductory events (4th October 2017 @ 13:30 [sign up here] or 11th October 2017 @ 13:00 [sign up here])

The organisers will tell you more about what’s involved and put you in teams to design activities. If you’ve got teams and ideas already, that’s fabulous, please come to the event and talk with us!

Information for Beaver/Cub/Brownie Leaders

“A fantastic opportunity for the young people to look around a university and get involved with some activities.” (Beaver Leader)

Our next event will be Saturday 25th November 2017 [Flyer]

Bookings will be taken from 7pm 31st July 2017 using this form

Everything you need to know about the Science Jamboree 2016