Report outlines measures needed to build a sustainable and resilient Northern Powerhouse

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A sustainable and resilient northern powerhouse

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A report by the University of Liverpool outlines the actions needed to create a successful Northern Powerhouse. The report `A Sustainable and Resilient Northern Powerhouse’ identifies ten key points for rebalancing Britain with a strong and inclusive North of England. It is the outcome of an event which involved key stakeholders from academia, the public, private and voluntary sectors which took place days before the EU Referendum. 

The key recommendations it highlights are that the North needs to create its own distinctive, collaborative narrative and identity which reflects a strong, polycentric region with a network of well-connected diverse and distinctive cities, towns, hinterlands and rural areas. It recommends that the North needs to have sustainable ecosystem at its core and a bespoke set of liveability criteria for Northern towns and cities should be developed in order to demonstrate their quality. A coherent long-term plan for transport is essential along with accompanying plans for energy, water, digital, green/blue infrastructure and agriculture and food production. In terms of skills, the report recommends building on the opportunities of the fourth industrial revolution, and a focus on entrepreneurship to underpin economic growth. Working collaboratively is the key to a successful Northern Powerhouse and this needs to go across Government, business, academic and voluntary sectors. It encourages politicians and the public buy-in which could be achieved through the forthcoming mayoral elections with progress monitored at an annual Conference for the North. 

Sue Kidd, Senior Lecturer with the University’s Department of Geography & Planning, said: “The initial ideas for this report came before the EU Referendum vote. Now, in light of its outcome, there is an even stronger case for the North to take control of the agenda to rebalance Britain and to take forward ideas to create a new dynamic, and inclusive future for the North. We hope this document and the ten points that it identifies will help in framing the future development of Northern Powerhouse thinking.” 

The report was launched at an event held in the Portico Library Manchester, chaired by Professor Michael Parkinson, attended by academics, the private sector, public and voluntary organisations.