Trawsfynydd Field Class

Year 1 – ENVS 100

At the beginning of your studies, this field class involves all our 1st Year Geography students going to Trawsfynydd in North Wales. A part of ENVS100 – Study Skills, the class is a vital opportunity to begin ‘thinking like a Geographer’ by building up direct experience of fieldwork techniques appropriate to Human and Physical Geography. Over two days, students get to learn key skills, but also interact with staff and get to know their fellow students, which is important at this early stage in the degree. 

The trip involves distinct Human and Physical geography elements, with BA & BSc students undertaking different pathways to gain the most appropriate experience. Physical Geographers study a number of themes, from river channel processes to changes in the landscape caused by human intervention over thousands of years. Human geographers study themes like Welsh identity and political nationalism, regional development, and low-carbon energy futures.